The Theme: About the Recovery. Monk Abercius.

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The Theme: About the Recovery. Monk Abercius.

Post  Vika47 on Mon 02 Apr 2012, 6:25 pm

People ask me: can we recover from incurably disease? I not only trust, but also know, according to reiterated experience, that the full recovery is possible. We must only observe tree stable terms of God.
The first term. We as veritable Christians, called to the Heaven Motherland, may not put soul to anything earthly. As a sole inherits the eternal blessed life on the Heaven.
The second term. For the veritable Christian punishment is not punishment, but the comprehension from God. We must comprehend and improve, and the necessity in punishment will disappear.
The third term. The promise of kind conscience to God. The 1st conciliar epistle of the saint apostle Petr, chapter 3, verse 21: “So the similar to this image christening, not the fleshly dirtiness washing, but the promise of kind conscience to God saves us by the Resurrection of Jesus Christos.”
What is the promise of kind conscience to God? First of all it means don’t live according to flesh wishes. Epistle of saint apostle Pavel to Romans, chapter 8, verse 13 “For if you live according to flesh, you will dye, but if you destroy fleshly matters by spirit, so you will alive.”
The epistle to Galatians of the saint apostle Pavel, chapter 5, verse 16 “I say : do according to spirit and you will not fulfill fleshly lusts.”
Verse 24 “But those, which are of Christos, crucified the flesh with passions and lusts.”
And God himself said to cured. Gospel from Johann, chapter 5, verse 14 “hen Jesus met him in temple and said him: so you recovered; don’t sin more, that something bad will not happen with you.”
The recovery is possible and legally and will happen with you from God If you will observe these three terms. Amen.
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