The Theme: About the Upbringing. Monk Abercius.

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The Theme: About the Upbringing. Monk Abercius.

Post  Vika47 on Sun 08 Apr 2012, 7:48 pm

I am 5 years old. I say: mother, I don’t want to do it. Mother: Honey, you need make efforts. She did not only say, but passed me such possibility with these words. How I appreciate her for it in my life.
And here is the Bible. The being, chapter 4, verses 6, 7.
“And God said Cain: …a sin is close to you; it attracts you, but you must rule over it.”
Is it possible to rule over sin, if it attracts you? There is the one way – inner force. Oh, mother, how you was right! The ordeal by temptation is the firm rule of God’s upbringing. The soul is developed according to God in this force of temptation rejection.
And here is the New Testament. The first centuries of Christians’ asceticism. Antoniy the Great, Arseniy the Great, Pimen the Great, Isaac Sirskiy, Johan Kolov. They all said about it.
Does it catch the services? God teaches. The Evangeline from Mathew, chapter 6, verse 7. “When you pray, don’t say waffle like heathens, because they think that they will be heard in their verbosity.”
In what way did our priests become look like heathens? Let’s see.” Now God stealing man’s essence from hell treasures, raising it to the heaven and lead to the antique heritage of being.”
Understand that the antique property of being is till the Adam’s downfall in a flesh. “On the heaven” – in the spirit Heaven Dwelling to God – Spirit in a flesh! Isn’t it the shame?
And what does the Holy Write tell us? The first General Epistle of the saint apostle Petr, chapter 4, verse 6. “Because it was told to the dead that they have to live by spirit according to God, undergoing to the judge according to man flesh.” So it will be with us in such way, if we are awarded. Freed from a flesh, undergone by the judge according to man flesh, we will live by spirit according to God. We will be “as God angels on the heaven”. According to God. Evangeline from Mathew, chapter 22, verse 30.
Where is your “antique station of being”. You got “according to the prince’s will, ruled in the air, spirit.” Ephes.2-2. and it is so everywhere – the God’s praising is mixed with the break of Christos’s teaching. Who does it put to their heads? Is it difficult to guess? The destroyer of Christian – Satan.
It began long ago, from the Universal Cathedrals, moved by the passion. When arrogant bishops wanted “to continue”, “to develop” of the Christ’s teaching, they filled by their flesh mind, extraordinary accessible to Satan. And they invented such quagmire, covered by the Christos’s name, from which humanity can not get out till the present time.
All Christianity in the world is kept under Satan’s wraps. Here God made me show Christianity in revelation.
And now let’s talk about “the churchmen”. How much can a simple man destroy? Even despot Stalin or Gitler could kill only body, “they can not kill souls”.
But lost without the maintenance of God’s Spirit “churchmen” kill many people spiritually. There is no more God’s anger than to them. If I am set to expose you by God, you could guess about the Foresight. Jimjams. It becomes comprehendible, not comprehendible statement of saint blessed Matron: “Who knows, maybe God will forgive Stalin.” But he will never forgive these churchmen.
And now let’s talk about their “spirituality”. Who was not honored with the truth mind, outgoing from God, must not interfere in the Writ with his brain of sinful flesh. It becomes visible during the consideration of all Christians religions that the Hole Writ in church teaching is mixed with the sexual brain flesh. And comments on forums are too under its influence, indicating that they are sons of those “fathers”, which destroyed Christianity.
And now about their wealth. They are the most reach in the world of masons, with which they were associated. But God notified that to be reach is very dangerous. “… it is more comfortable for camel to go through needle’s eye than for reach man to come to God’s Kingdom”.
They don’t keep away from re-registering of flats, accounts, pensions. How many people were blinded by them. And they get away with it. Because they are in good relation with the authorities. They help to launder money. How were they earned? This horror is impossible to get. Only they have access to terminal sick men on their trust. They obligingly suggest re-registering everything that a person has for church, temple, cloistering to their account.
God, how can you make me see it? My heart can not stand it.
Since they are Satan’s servants, demons will count all of your donations, write to their charters, and will impeach against you.
Oh, God, only you can stop this hell of “churchmen”. Stop it for the sake of your name. As they use the Saint name as a cover.
The truth people, let’s join to my prayer. Maybe altogether we will pray of God for the liberation from their yoke. Amen!
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