The Theme: Answers to Questions. Monk Abercius.

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The Theme: Answers to Questions. Monk Abercius.

Post  Vika47 on Thu 26 Apr 2012, 4:07 am

I want to say that these questions are the irresistible stumbling blocks for many people. I will answer, wishing to keep “the little herd” from stumbles.
The 1st question: Progressive foreteller Lazarev says that the Hole Spirit is written as a straight line in his graphics, and the straight line is death.
The answer: It seems that the truth Christian must consider it like folly. To say in such way can the man, for whom all cognitions are finished below the sin line. Thus the Hole Spirt – is the death of sin. After sin death is the truth life according to God, which is not available for people who want to comprehend the Truth by their flesh mind.
The 2nd question: Occultists assert that it is possible to be higher notions good and evil, and that God doesn’t accept neither good nor evil.
The answer: One more kind of wisdom or better to say of disastrous thinking. Yaakov 3-15. This is not wisdom, coming from above, but the earthly, mental, devilish one.
God says to such people in Evangeline from Johann 8-44: “Your father is devil; and you want to fulfill lusts of your father.” He was killer from the beginning and didn’t resist in the truth, because there is no power in him. He says lie, because he liar and the father of lie.
If God say so, there are notions of lie and truth, good and evil, love and hate, faithfulness and treachery. The simple truth Sirah 1-1. “Any wisdom is from God and will be with Him forever. ”
So notions of love, truth, faithfulness are from God and will be with Him forever. Therefore any wisdom that God exists higher than good and evil – is from Satan. And it brought to people’s minds for rejection of the God’s Truth. Cut the head of this hydra evil by one blow, the 1st from Johann, 4-16. “And we comprehended love, which God has to us and trusted it.”
The 3rd question: Is there notion of nonexistence and how should we treat it?
The answer: The notion of nonexistence is that “outer darkness”, about which God says. Evangeline from Matthew 22-13 “And then king said to servants: take him and throw to the outer darkness, binding him hands and legs; there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” We have one thing to add that it is better to be the most desecrated being in God’s World, than to be a king in “the outer darkness”.
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