Subject: What do we think of God? Monk Abercius.

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Subject: What do we think of God? Monk Abercius.

Post  Vika47 on Sun 20 May 2012, 8:28 pm

At once well tell: who wants that. “… because everybody looks for what he wants, not for what is wished by Jesus Christ.” Message to Filipinos from the Holy Apostle Paul 2, verse 21.
The highest hierarchs go to India to gods. You speak to them: pagans were frightened by great fear hearing about the True God, and you go to pagans. You ask such one: why you go to them? – I saw enough of our rascals. – If rascals are using the name of True God – there is no bigger crime. And punishment to them is the greatest. But, why for that it is necessary to go to god, at which the lace on a neck is full of the human skulls? – He is silent, having eyebrows lifted. As though for the first time he understood absurd of the belief. – And, what to do?
What to do? To address to Jesus Christ to True God about whom it is told: nobody can call Jesus the Lord, but the Holly Spirit.” I-12-3.
Not to call by language as rascals, and to recognize, to accept. And not in "thinning of feelings“ to be engaged, and to ask from God, that tightening about which it is spoken: “and in the tightening hearing is opened to people.“ Only the Lord knows how to tighten the person that he originally saw the invisible world.
“Also there was a Lord's word to me: what do you see Jeremiah? I told: I see a croxier of an almond tree.
The Lord told to me: you truly see. “ 1-11,12.
Finding such ability, the person can hear the manual of the Spirit of truth. From John 16-13 “When It will arrive, the Spirit of truth, and will set you on any truth.“
Who found the manual of Spirit of truth, will be looking for truth somewhere or at someone? Or having read two words written by the man, won't understand who he is? And furthermore having seen it, whether it will be clear, that this one has never tasted Spirit of truth?
Or will begin to worship to someone's religious belief? – having read a line, will understand everything.
Scientists consider now there are few mentally normal people. Probably, therefore look for satisfaction of the abnormality in "belief".
You are surprised to an abnormality range, or "beliefs".
Concept of our reasonableness, certainly, is at the Creator. To him we will cling. To him to the True God Jesus Christ we will address. I–John 5-20. “We know also, the God's Son came and gave us light and reason and we will know the true God and we will be the in the true his Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God and the eternal life.“
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