I am an Eagle (2)

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I am an Eagle (2)

Post  fennywest on Mon 21 May 2012, 7:06 pm

I am an Eagle(2)

I am an eagle
With the Holy Ghost mantle

Not born to struggle
But to seize the obstacles
Through God for a miracle.

With earthly and heavenly vision
I can carry on and on;
He keeps my feet on the ground
Makes me so, so sound 'cause I'm found.

I see from His eyes, distance milky shores.
I hear Him say: ’Your mountains are mole hills
-Stepping stones to My Hills
Your elephants are ants
Even if they’re adamant.’

I do not miss my prey
Because I have prayed.
My talons are talented
And very targeted, focused
On the prize and Jesus;
They are sharp and shock-injecting.

Captivity is my enemy
Like sin-sickness, brings weakness;
Steals my freedom;
Brings me into serfdom.

I am born for the skies
Born a king of the skies
Destructive winds and storms
Bring me into my form
Carry me to glory
Change my story
Giving me fillip
Opportunity to leap
soar, rise into the skies
Putting behind my sighs
They help me mount up too surmount
Any barrier hurdles or mountain.

My dinner is divine
From the Vine
Fresh, juicy milk and steak
Not one that is off and wreaks.
Drinking from the holy fountain
His promises I obtain and retain.

My friends are no barnyard chicken
But are heaven’s citizens
Who see beyond the seen.

For my young I care
And rare so they can a have
flair in the air;
I don’t have affairs.

Born to give glory
To the High and Holy.
In my tests I am borne aloft
By the Most High
Dwelling under the shadow of His wings
Where I am comforted to sing.

When time is come
To renew my strength
To go from strength to strength,
I enter with dignity, the valley.
Bacca Valley deals a spring of victory.
All old weak feathers must go
They were good but now they’re foes
New coat must come
And His Kingdome to come.

Painful and trying
But also gainful rewarding
Gives me new seal and zeal
Remarkable- the real deal
Revival, rejuvenation, resurrection;
A second chance, a second wind
To help me leave others behind.

Opposition works for me
Bringing promotion to me
Enemies push me forward
Take me toward my reward
I am an eagle
Not born to struggle
But to scale every hurdle
And obstacle
To enter my Promised Land-
The Land flowing with milk and honey,
To the Glory of God.
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