Subject: What is it? Monk Abercius.

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Subject: What is it? Monk Abercius.

Post  Vika47 on Thu 31 May 2012, 1:07 pm

I had one purpose - to change the attitude to the creature aspects. It was above lines. I understood only one: the attitude to the creature aspects will change, the correct spiritual way will get formed, and thus perhaps I will recover.
At first it turned out nothing. Too "enraged" I wished to change. And then I understood, here I should be “more indifferent“, more politely, more softly, on more indulgently to myself, more delicately. And suddenly, as in a keyhole; you twist a key hardly and it turns out nothing. And suddenly, the key turned. Inside something became on the places. I caught this correct situation. I think, I die, but it I will not leave it any more … Something would seem to have changed in soul a little, and I got thousands sweats … But there was a happiness – the soul is on a place …
Then the appetite. The attitude to food changed too. But the food was desired. The droplet of "indifference" didn't make food tasteless, as well as all the rest. But that left the space in the soul for Heavenly also. I am happy!
P.S. It have to warn: I am not engaged in healing. And– DO NOT TRUST to anybody who will want to deceive you using my name, or my pupils’ name.
The God's truth treats the soul to the one who accepts this Truth.
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