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Through Our God

Post  fennywest on Fri 01 Jun 2012, 2:49 pm

It was a race for time from the moment I was given the assignment: to be at the school within one hour. Looking at the Journey it was palpably obvious that it was a tall order. But getting a job is like winning a lottery. I had to take it and run like a headless chicken, in a panic. I needed an over-ground train, then an underground, then change to another over-ground train, then take a bus journey and finally a walk to my destination.

For a start, the first over-ground train I got travelled at a snail’s speed; then there was a delay at one of the stations where I was making a change, then I mistakenly got off before my stop and had to start chasing my tail, doing a merry go round like the Israelites. By the time I arrived the school after 2hours in the race, I met a cold trail: ‘Ring your agency.’ The booking was called off- cancelled to my chagrin.

I paid a fortune to get there but now I was to go back home with nothing to show for it and also missed a day’s wages.

My legs were heavy. My heart sank. What disappointment on a Monday morning! Never in my history of supply work had I been disappointed in this way. Why? Why? Why, and at a time when work was so, so scarce?

Have you been so dejected, devastated, disappointed, depressed, sorrowful, mournful and exasperated? I was low, licked, dazed.

What happened next...?
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