In Christ part2: What we Have in Him

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In Christ part2: What we Have in Him

Post  fennywest on Sat 02 Jun 2012, 8:58 pm

In Him or in Christ part2 What we have in Christ
We have:
1.Eternal life 1John5:11

2.Authority Mark16:15, Matt28:20

3. Peace with God Rom5:1, Eph2:14

4.Peace of God Phil4:6-7

5. Boldness Eph3:12, Phil1:20 Acts4:13,29,31

6. Divine nature2Pet1:4 Peter+1:4&version=NKJV

7. Exceedingly great and precious promises 2Pet1:3-4 Peter+1:4&version=NKJV

8. New covenant Matt26:28Heb6:8

9. Supernatural Ability Phil4:13

10. Angelic protection Acts12

11. Divine Provision Phil4:19

12. Intercession by the Holy Spirit Rom8:26

13. Intercession by Jesus himself Rom8:34

14. Advocacy- by Christ and by the Holy Spirit (1John2:1

15. Weapons of warfare such as helmet of salvation, Breastplate of righteousness, shoes of the Gospel, sword of the Spirit, belt of truth (Ephe6:10-18)

16. New name (Christians)

17. The Name of Jesus ( above eveery other name )Acts3,17;:2-6,4: 12,17-18, 5:28,41; 9:15-16,16:18,19:17,Phil2:9-11, Mark6:14,John16:23,John1:12, Matt18:20,Luke24:47,Ps111:9.

18. The blood of the Lamb Rev12:11

19. Wisdom

20. Sanctification

21. Righteousness Rom3:21-22, 1Cor1:30, 2Cor5:21

22. Joy unspeakable Neh8:10, Rom14:17

23. Divine Strength Eph6:10, Ps27:1,

24. PowerAct1:8

25. Holy Spirit Rom8:9, Acts2:1-4,Eph5:18

26. Baptism in the Holy Spirit

27. Comforter John16:7 Teacher, Strengthener, Standby 14:16&version=NKJV

28. Purpose divine Rom8:28
29. HelperJohn14:16 14:16&version=NKJV

30. Mediator

31. Restoration Ps23, Luke 15
32. Redemption Gal3:13

33. Each other1Cor12:12
34. Healing 1Pet 2:24

35. Salvation Rom10:9-10,13, Acts16:28-32, John1:12, John3:3,8

36. ForgivenessEph4:32,Ephe2:12

37. DeliveranceActs16:18

38. Power gifts- Working of miracles, Gifts of faith, gifts of healing

39. Revelation gifts- discernment of spirit, word of wisdom, word of knowledge,

40. Utterance gifts- tongues, interpretation of tongues, prophecy
41. Life and peace Rom8:6

42. Gifts of Christ to the Body- Apostle, prophet, pastors, evangelists, teachers
43. faith

44. Mind of Christ 1Cor2:16 Corinthians+2:16&version=NKJV

45. Access into his grace Rom5:1-2
46. Atonement Heb13:11-14
47. Divine Direction Rom8:14
48. Assurance of salvation Acts16:28-32
49. Helper Rom8:26John14,John16
50. Assurance that all things work together for good Rom8:28
51. God being on our side Rom8:31
52. Godís presence Matt28:20
53. Revival Rom8;11
54. Ministry of reconciliation 2Cor5:18
55. PreservationMatt8:20, Luke10:19
56. Godís all-sufficiency 2Cor9:8
57. Assurance of the Love of God Rom5:5, Ps103:11-12, Rom8:37-39
58. The measure of faith Rom10:3
59. Ability to know Godís will Rom12:2
60. Incredible things eyes have not seen 1Cor2:9
61. Liberty 2Cor3:17

62. Light of God shining in our hearts 2Cor4:6
63. Prosperity 3John2, Ps1:1-3, Jos1:8
64. Treasures of God in jars of clay 1Cor4:7
65. Resilience: hard-pressed but not crushed, knocked down but not out
66. Victory Rom8:37-39,2Cor2:14
67. Confidence1John5:14, Heb10:35
68. An inheritance incorruptible 1Pet1:4
69. All that pertain to life and godliness 2Pet1:1-4
70. Ability to grow in grace 2Pet3:18; walk in the light 1John1:7
71. Fellowship with the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit John16
1. The father dwelling in us John16
72. Citizenship of HeavenPhil1:20

73. Abundant life John10:10

74. Ability to walk as He walked 1John2:6

75. A way of escape in temptation 1Cor10:13

76. Dominion Eph1:21-22

77. Exceeding riches of His grace Eph2:7
78. Hope of His calling Eph1:18
79. Revelation Eph1:17, John16:15

80. Potential to have enlightened spiritual eyes Eph1:17-19
81. Potential to abound beyond our wildest dream Eph3:20
82. Potential to increase in faith and abound in love, filled with the fullness of God Phil1:9, Eph3:19
83. Hope of His calling Col1:27
84. All the treasures of wisdom at our disposal Col2:3

85. Confident expectation of rapture anointing 1John2:27
86. Assurance of answers to prayers Matt7:7, Ps50:15, Ps91:15
©Fenny West2012
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