Subject: "Admiration". Monk Abercius.

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Subject: "Admiration". Monk Abercius.

Post  Vika47 on Sun 03 Jun 2012, 10:06 pm

Question: The highest wisdom of the ancient India. Do you really consider it as the erroneous direction of the culture?
Answer: Yes, it is so. According to apostle Pavel: “It has only a wisdom appearance.“ Kol.2-23
Let's look, to what purpose such wisdom conducts. Shortly.
“ The main purpose the person worthy is the aspiration to forever“ destroy the karma fetters"," to escape from the Existence wheel“. That is to get rid of regenerations (including – from the regenerations providing high earthy, or even the heavenly, divine statute.) a known idea of "release".
The main insolvency of all philosophies and religions is in a willful explanation and interpretation of existing. Rigid carrying out of the idea on the achievement of the invented purpose, always erroneous. For example, "release".
The main mistake is the isolation of the creation from the Creator in attempts of the explanation.
The creation recognizing the Creator over, should be directed by the Creator in the comprehension of the sense and appointment. Otherwise everything is doomed to a mistake.
And now about your question. does the idea of "release" clearly speaks about unwillingness to be creation? isn't it clearly from what "god" such ideas proceed?
Here it is to you “the highest wisdom“.
Which people of the Earth didn't have the demons as gods? Especially the ancient people. Yes, and after the knowledge of True God the Lord reproaches the Jews : “You carried a Molokhov tabernacle and a star of god of yours Remfan, the image which you made for yourselves”. AM.5-26
After Jesus Christ's arrival, being guided by the carnal reason which is extremely available to a Satan, our contemporary worships … to a snake!!!
“Besides they esteem the animals the most disgusting who on senselessness are rather worse than all.
They are even ugly by the appearance as the other animals that they could appeal, but are deprived also of the God's approval and blessing.” Knowledge of Solomon 15-18,19.
"Christian" is same. The importance of the mammon for the Christians is much more then Christ. And what is the importance of us in Christianity? “From all Christians we are the most correct Christians.” And all have proofs.
“Sometimes we even do not guess that we are under the direction of the crafty leader.“ Dmitry Rostovsky notices “piety Lessons.” And what is the opinion on us? The insufflations with the arrogance is in everybody to the diminished responsibility. The obvious sign of the future destructions. The spiritual development directed by God, no. the available concepts can’t be plainly connected. Just the calling like the small children.
You found the manual of the Spirit of Truth? (from John 16-13)
Asked God about it?
Understand yourself. Let the Lord help you.
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