Subject: Sincerity. Monk Abercius.

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Subject: Sincerity. Monk Abercius.

Post  Vika47 on Thu 07 Jun 2012, 7:41 pm

There is no person with the sincere soul at whom the Christianity didn't respond the True. But frenzied envy and rage of the Satan, wishing to deform the Christianity. But people available to him. And there are the complaints, complaints, complaints.
The main hypnosis of the Satan about a communion. The pain. the ferocious pain about the deformed souls. Let's read what they write those who appropriated our rescue.
Otechnik. Originator the bishop Ignaty (Bryanchaninov). the 1st narration about аbba Antony Velikyj. The 2nd about abba Arseny Velikyj. Lecture 15. P. 62,63,64.
“Abba Arseny tald the following about some hermit, a great one in the self-sacrifice and a nice one in the belief, but committed a sin in it on ignorance: the hermit said that in sacred communion we don't accept the Christ's Body , but we accept an image of the Body of Christ in the form of bread. Two aged men heard About it. Knowing that a speaking is great on a residence, they understood that he tells it not on the evil intention, and out of ignorance and simplicity. They came to him and told:“ Father! We heard about a certain brother that he said the opinion not concordant with the doctrine of the right belief, exactly, that in sacred communion, we accept not the Christ's Body, but an image of the Body of Christ in the form of bread.” The aged man answered:“ I told it ”. They started to convince him: “Don’t think so, the father, but profess according to the legend of sacred cathedral apostolic church.“ We believe that bread is the Christ’s Body itself , and there is the Christ Blood itself in a bowl , - not images at all. Though it is not conceivable, how bread can be the body but as the Lord told about bread: This is my Body, we believe that the bread is a true Christ's Body”. The aged man told: “If I am not witnessed by the experience, I will arrive in doubt “. They offered him: “let’s pray to God during the whole next week that he explains us the sacrament, and we believe that God will open.” The aged man accepted the offer with pleasure; he asked God so: “My God! You know that I don't trust on ill-intentioned persistence. (it is already visible that falsification). My God Jesus Christ! Open to me about this secret that I wouldn't stay in error because of disbelief.” As well the aged men, having come to their huts, asked God during the whole week about this secret and told: “God Jesus Christ! Open about this secret to the aged man that he won't stay in disbelief and wouldn't ruin his work”. The God also listened to them .“
In all the falsifications the confirmation is attributed to the God. Even pagans have no such blasphemy. They are afraid of the one they honor.
But it is impossible to attribute all the nonsense to the God. You will see now. We continue the story.
“After the lapse of a week they came to church, all three sat down on one mat, and opened the eyes to them. When the bread was offered on a sacred meal, they then saw, just these three aged man, the baby instead of bread. When the celibate priest, stretched a hand to refract bread on a sacred meal, the Lord's Angel with a knife in a hand, заклал the baby descended from the sky; to blood from it gave vent in a bowl. When the celibate priest broke bread, the Angel cut the baby on the baby on small parts.”
Are the comments necessary?
The pagans stab the animals as the victim to "gods", and these one stab the True God every day. The Satan couldn't think up the greater violation of the Christ's belief.
He seduced the priests that thus, they appropriate your rescue, and all privileges are with them. But you do have the reasonableness. Having cleared of a brain inflammation, understand it quietly yourselves.
The gospel from John 4-24 “The God is the Spirit“, Lord Jesus Christ sais. Fall down the God Spirit – he will save at any time . Right there be convinced.
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