Subject: About ours yogins. Monk Averkiy.

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Subject: About ours yogins. Monk Averkiy.

Post  Vika47 on Mon 11 Jun 2012, 9:38 am

There are people, at which the internal connection with the God is very strong. Anybody from strangers can't break it off.
only he can break Such connection with the God, its owner.
And here for such people the Satan thought up a special "yoga" hooks.
And you are guided by the invented "gods" (demons) with the hooks for connection likely with the God, and actually with them.
In the toughened, other-worldly concentration (Samadhi) you break the internal link with the God and ruin yourself.
From bitter mortification for you I write it to you.
Instead of looking for the foreign methods of connection with the God address to yourself. You have such a strong connection of creation with the Creator. You need to give freedom of manifestation of this connection only. To understand at what conditions it is better shown, for you it makes nothing.
Moderate my grief!
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