Wise Words: Trials and Triumphs (1)

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Wise Words: Trials and Triumphs (1)

Post  fennywest on Tue 10 Jul 2012, 3:40 pm

"God allows some things to happen to us in order to do something in us so He can do something through us."

He allowed Joseph who had a great dream to be thrown in to the pit, sold into slavery and then sold as a servant to Potiphar. Later He allowed Potiphar's wife to tempt him and although he passed the test she maligned him and he could not defend himself but ended up in prison. There he maintained his integrity and excellence, care and compassion on his fellow prisoners, and in the fullness of time, God brought him out to fulfill his vision, delivering many during a great famine. God used him to feed his people to keep them alive.

Before Joseph could be crowned Prime Minister in a foreign land he had to pass the following tests:
1. Pride Test
2. Pit Test
3. Palace Test
4. Purity Test
5. Patience Test
6. Prophetic Test
7. Prosperity Test
8. Pardon Test
9. Purpose Test
10. Power Test

16 Moreover He called for a famine in the land; He destroyed all the provision of bread.
17 He sent a man before them --- Joseph --- who was sold as a slave.
18 They hurt his feet with fetters, He was laid in irons.
19 Until the time that his word came to pass, The word of the LORD tested him.
20 The king sent and released him, The ruler of the people let him go free.
21 He made him lord of his house, And ruler of all his possessions,

You and I too have to go through some things so that God would do something in us so as to do something through us.
There is no short cut. Are you ready for it. You have to go through fire to be refined as to shine like gold; its quality come through the refining process. A tree bears much fruit if it is pruned. pruning requires using a knife to cut which can be painful, albeit gainful.

David is another example. He was the only one anointed three times for one position. He was greatly anointed and also greatly afflicted. He helped King Saul consolidate his position and then the King became jealous because of a silly song some women sang. David had to run from place to place until Saul died. Later after David had been installed, his beloved son, Absolom dethroned him. David had to run with his life in his hands. This was a son that he had pardoned for killing his brother.
Even Jesus, the perfect Lamb of God had to go through the mill to qualify as our Saviour. It pleased God to bruise Him.

15 For we do not have a High Priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but was in all points tempted as we are, yet without sin.

10 Yet it pleased the LORD to bruise Him; He has put Him to grief. When You make His soul an offering for sin, He shall see His seed, He shall prolong His days, And the pleasure of the LORD shall prosper in His hand.Isa53:10

8 though He was a Son, yet He learned obedience by the things which He suffered.

12 Therefore Jesus also, that He might sanctify the people with His own blood, suffered outside the gate.Heb13:12

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