The Righteous Man Is Blessed

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The Righteous Man Is Blessed

Post  fennywest on Fri 20 Jul 2012, 2:01 pm

The righteous man is super-abundantly blessed
Because He takes his values and advice from God
Consequently he will not be stressed
After all,he loves the Lord and His Word.

He knows the corruption of evil company,
And so avoids contaminating himself.
He is aware of the ploys of the enemy
And would not open up himself.

He whines and pines for the Word of God,
Like a dry land craves for water.
He eats, drinks, breathes and prays the word,
Hence whatever he does will prosper.

He is the Garden of Eden,
Delighting God’s heart.
He is a well-watered garden,
Yielded to God totally-not a part.

He abounds, multiplies and is ever fruitful,
On the mountain or in the valley;
In season and out of season, bountiful.
His strength comes from the Almighty.

The unrighteous digs a grave of misery
Which he falls into at the proper time.
He rebels, mocks God, makes Him his enemy.
He is deceived and die in his prime.

He may try to camouflage among the redeemed,
But the Holy Spirit will search and fish him out.
He cannot disguise his depraved deeds esteemed.
He faces imminent disgrace, distress and rout.

God is not asleep as he thinks.
He will give him his just deserts;
But the righteous will drink
From Salvation’s Well, from God’s heart.

©Fenny West2012
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