The Heart of the Matter

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The Heart of the Matter

Post  fennywest on Fri 20 Jul 2012, 6:12 pm

The heart of the matter
Is a matter of the heart.
Worship has to offer
The best to God, from the start.
Worship belongs to God,
And to God alone worship belongs.

Worship may be with a song,
But when there is no song, it is not wrong.
It could even be with a sweet silent song;
Or a crazy hearty praise.
Yet, it has to be God-centred
And never self-centred.
When worship is taken from God,
Then man invites His wrath and rod

You were born to give Him pleasure.
He must be your greatest treasure.
So love Him beyond all measure,
And you will have joy unspeakable.
Deny yourself, pay the price.
Make the necessary sacrifice.
It will be costly but worthy;
Not too much to give the Almighty.

The lambs to be slain include:
Money offering, selfless serving,
Thanksgiving, repenting,
Confessing, praying and praising.
Others are: the just cause fighting.
Egotism, Excellent work producing,
Reverencing, fasting, evangelising,
And obeying the King of kings

For when you give Him pleasure,
You will have true pleasure-
Real pleasure that will endure;
Timeless, golden, eternal,
Worth while and satisfying.

©Fenny West2012
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