Olympic Series: 5 Go for Gold ( by Milton Job)

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Olympic Series: 5 Go for Gold ( by Milton Job)

Post  fennywest on Thu 02 Aug 2012, 12:18 pm

Go For Gold!!!-

Dear Saints
Go For Gold!!!-Olympic spirit!
Do not settle for less.
You’ve been formed, moulded and framed
to produce gold, silver and precious metals-
building blocks of the Kingdom.
The Lord Jesus Himself being
the Master-Builder and the foundation.
Your tools???
You have the word of God
You have the Spirit of Life
You have the Presence of God
You have the Gifts of the Spirit
Indeed you have all that pertain to life and godliness
When we fall and the adversary accuse us before the Father,
our Senior Brother, Heavenly Advocate and High Priest,
Stands ready to plead His Blood on our behalf.
And a host of witness on planet earth are available
to encourage, support, correct and build us up
to be the person we are called to be.
Come on precious one, our Olympic is to a higher realm.
Our Olympic is to heaven: the New Jerusalem-
a place of eternal co habitation of God and man.
Keep on keeping on.
Keep focused and single-minded.
Never give up.
Your destined to win.
Never give up.
I pray Every Blessing in the month of August
will surely come your way, in Jesus’ Name Amen

Milton Job MBE
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