Inspirational Story - Giving

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Inspirational Story - Giving

Post  fennywest on Mon 12 Nov 2012, 10:31 pm

A member of a big church in England gave 1m to his Pastor. The Pastor gave it back to him. He refused to take it but the pastor insisted saying: I appreciate your gift and as your father I think I reserve the right to bless you with it.
This man went and thought of what to do with the money and was led to compile a list of people in debt in the church and began paying off their debt. Within one week he had spent 600,000. By the end of two weeks the pastor called him to find out what he had done with the money .He told him he had finished spending the money and gave an account of how he used it to help people in need. The pastor was very impressed.
Not long after, the man came back to the pastor with an even bigger offering.

God is no mans debtor. We cannot out-give Him.
He tests us in little things so that He can bless us with bigger responsibilities.
Obey the leading of the Holy Spirit and you will and you will be super-abundantly blessed and fulfilled.

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