Boxing Day Shopping Madness

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Boxing Day Shopping Madness

Post  fennywest on Wed 26 Dec 2012, 8:47 pm

Boxing Day Shopping Madness
After the pre-Christmas Sales frenzy and mayhem, some people could not stop buying and went shopping online on Christmas day. Shopping had become a drug to which people were addicted. Like people are addicted to smoking so are some people are addicted to shopping. This is a woman’s story:
“ I slept at 1.00 am and set the alarm for 4.30 am. I headed for the shop and arrived there at 5.30. am greeted with a queue that snaked like Mississippi. Some people came with their children in push-chairs, standing for hours in the cold. When I got to the front of the queue, most of the items were gone, so I waited and waited as I noticed that the staff were quickly replenishing the stocks. As they brought the items in, shoppers were fighting to grab the items from their hands, unable to wait for them to display them. I was there till mid-day and I think I got a bargain.”

In a shop, they sold up to £1.00million in 1hour. Is this good news for economy after the slump in sales because of the economic downturn?

Were people really getting bargains or being tricked with clever marketing gimmicks? Are people buying what they really need or just buying things because they think they are cheap? Are people spending the money they have saved or just piling up debts on credit cards? Is our society sinking in the mire and trap of consumerism?
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