We See Things As We Are

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We See Things As We Are

Post  fennywest on Wed 10 Apr 2013, 1:35 pm

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John gave us the account of the Gospel as we know it, but the differences in emphasis they laid on certain events told us of how they were wired. For instance Luke was a medical doctor and so we see that his account was very detailed. Mark was a man who was fascinated by the miracles of Jesus and so focused on the action. Matthew’s emphasis was the fulfilment of scripture through Jesus Christ and so we read’ that the scripture might be fulfilled...’ John on the other hand, was the closest to Jesus and so he was able to give us his intimate account regarding the Divinity of Jesus in the gospel and in his Epistles.
Some people have been privileged to have a preview of heaven and their accounts albeit complementary were also different.

Furthermore, given that 'The Old Testament is the New Testament concealed and the New Testament revealed’ we see that any credible account of heaven must not contradict the scriptures.

Two people can watch the same football match but when giving their accounts we will see differences according to their education, talent, experiences and character of the individual.

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