Do you remember Popeye?

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Do you remember Popeye?

Post  fennywest on Fri 04 Oct 2013, 8:21 pm

Quick question for you.

Do you remember Popeye?

Popeye the Sailor Man is a world famous and long time
cartoon character created by Elzie Crisler Segar in the
1930s. He is best known for eating a can of spinach whenever
he faces a big problem typically at the hands of his arch
nemesis Brutus.

Once Popeye opens a can and eats the spinach, the world
famous theme bursts and Popeye's muscles starts pumping and
he becomes strong enough to defeat any foe.

Of course, this is a cartoon. As much as spinach is
nutritious to the body, it will not instantly give us
superhuman strength. In fact, there are some who hate
spinach regardless if it will give them strength or not. But
there is someone who can ask for help and He will give us
supernatural strength. None other than God Himself.

King David himself says "In your strength, I can crush an
army." This is coming from the man known throughout ages as
the one who killed the giant named Goliath. People regarded
David as the greatest king that ever lived. But King David
himself acknowledges that it is God who gives Him strength.

What are the sources of your strength today: Family.
Friends. Your career. Your business. Sure. These may be good
but there is something much better - Jesus Christ.

Putting your trust and hope in God is the best thing any man
will do. He does not fail. He will never lose power. He will
always provide you the strength you need to overcome any

Will you also say what David said?

Let us draw our strength from God. Taste so much better than
Spinach with much more better results.

In Him,
Don and Dawn

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