Strengthen My Hands

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Strengthen My Hands

Post  fennywest on Wed 28 Jan 2015, 6:30 am

Strengthen My Hands

Strengthen my Hands
O Lord, my God.
You’re God at Hand
So says Your word.

Despite the foes,
You’re in control.
I fully know.
Be still, my soul.

Strengthen my hand
By day and night;
On sea and land,
Lord, be my might.

Lord, fight for me.
Lord, show your power.
You are with me,
In every hour.

Strengthen my hands,
Through thick and thin,
And I will stand,
Until I win.

By Your Spirit
I will arise.
I know He’ll lift
Every demise.

Strengthen my hands.
I trust in you
And your commands.
There’s none like you.

You are faithful,
Good in all ways.
You’re merciful,
So my soul says.

Neh 6:1-9,15
1 Now it happened when Sanballat, Tobiah, Geshem the Arab, and the rest of our enemies heard that I had rebuilt the wall, and that there were no breaks left in it (though at that time I had not hung the doors in the gates),2 that Sanballat and Geshem sent to me, saying, "Come, let us meet together among the villages in the plain of Ono." But they thought to do me harm.
3 So I sent messengers to them, saying, "I am doing a great work, so that I cannot come down. Why should the work cease while I leave it and go down to you?"
4 But they sent me this message four times, and I answered them in the same manner.
5 Then Sanballat sent his servant to me as before, the fifth time, with an open letter in his hand.6 In it was written:
It is reported among the nations, and Geshem says, that you and the Jews plan to rebel; therefore, according to these rumors, you are rebuilding the wall, that you may be their king.7 And you have also appointed prophets to proclaim concerning you at Jerusalem, saying, "There is a king in Judah!" Now these matters will be reported to the king. So come, therefore, and let us consult together.
8 Then I sent to him, saying, "No such things as you say are being done, but you invent them in your own heart."
9 For they all were trying to make us afraid, saying, "Their hands will be weakened in the work, and it will not be done."
Now therefore, O God, strengthen my hands
15 So the wall was finished on the twenty-fifth day of Elul, in fifty-two days.16 And it happened, when all our enemies heard of it, and all the nations around us saw these things, that they were very disheartened in their own eyes; for they perceived that this work was done by our God.
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