People and Your Journey of Life

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People and Your Journey of Life

Post  fennywest on Thu 09 Apr 2015, 6:19 pm

People and Your Journey of Life
Some people are for the whole of your life.
Thank God for them and cherish them and work with them and encourage them to share in your vision or purpose and buy into it.
Some other people are for a season.
Realise this and thank God for enjoy their ride on your bus. Know why they are there and make the best of their presence. Also know when their time is up and let them go. Do not hold on to them even for a second. You will court disaster if you hold on to them.

Yet others are clearly not for your boat at all for any season. But they may come just to do damage. We are not ignorant of their devices. Recognise such people and resist them and throw them out of your land. Know that it is a spiritual warfare. Use your spiritual weapons. (Ephe6:10-18)

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