Preserving Our Assurance

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Preserving Our Assurance

Post  lovingdove on Wed 17 Oct 2007, 5:01 am

Satan will use any device to gnaw away at a believer's faith. He knows that if he can get us to doubt our salvation, we are less likely to serve God with our whole heart. But if we understand his methods, we can be vigilant and avoid his traps.

Unconfessed sin. Satan tempts us to sin, and then if we yield, he whispers, "You can't be saved because you are doing wrong." The harassment cycle continues until we confess the sin and claim God's promise that those who receive Christ are saved (1 John 5:12).

Ignorance of God's Word. If a believer isn't well grounded scripturally, he can easily be fooled by false teaching. For example, it's not uncommon to hear that we can never be certain of redemption, or that salvation can be lost. The arguments for both ideas may sound persuasive, but such false doctrines simply do not withstand biblical scrutiny. That's why it is essential to study the Word.

Reliance on emotion. Satan is lord over the culture, which encourages us to trust in our feelings for guidance. When we operate under that kind of thinking, a day's ups and downs will affect whether or not we "feel" saved. Tragedy and pain might bring doubt, while blessing and good times create feelings of confidence. Genuine assurance, however, is built on faith in the Lord and the promises found in His Word.

The Enemy is already preparing his next attack. Trust in God and His Word. And get to know Satan's tactics so you can preserve your assurance that the Lord has saved you.
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