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Adoration to my King
Jesus Christ The Lord
Though we deserve death, He saved us. Though we broke His laws and His heart, He forgave us. Before I did not know Him, now that He has shown me His love which touched my heart, I have devoted my very life to Him. Jesus’ love changed my heart from someone who did not want to know Him, into one who longs for Him and His soon return to take up the throne that belongs to him alone, to sit as the rightful King over all the earth. My spirit sings to my God with such love, I am Simply in awe of my God, and the mercy He has shone me. I know I can never pay Him back for saving me. So I will devote my life to Him for as long as I live to serve Him. In humility I will fall down before Him at is feet, and cry out in a laud voice. Jesus, you alone are Lord, and besides you there is no other. You are high and lifted up, and everything else is obliterated before the awesomeness of your presence. The very earth shakes on it’s axes at the sound of your voice. The Heaven’s stand still at you command. At just the very thought of your mind, the earth Quakes. Who is like unto thee O God my King! Only in your Name is there found salvation. Only in you lies the hope of the world. For whoever calls on your Name and believes, will not see death but will live forever in your presence and be your faithful servant, to bring you glory and honor and sing you the eternal praises of Heaven. Lee Martone.

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Post  lisa1880 on Sun 18 Nov 2007, 5:23 pm

It is such a wonderful thing to worship our Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the most precious gift of God to us and we should thank God every second of our lives.

The Lord watches over all who love Him,
but all the wicked He will destroy
Ps 145:20
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