Are the one third of the fallen angels- by Lee Martone

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Are the one third of the fallen angels- by Lee Martone

Post  Guest on Sat 01 Dec 2007, 5:41 am

Are The Fallen Angels actually Aliens

Are the one third of the fallen angels described in Revelation12:7-9

Actually space
Aliens. We will discus the facts in the up coming pages. My Lovely wife was the
one who first mention this idea to me and it make perfect since. It is our
belief that aliens are working with the antichrist, studding us and doing all
kinds of metical experiments on abductees, so they will have all the right
answers for the antichrist when he comes on the seen. The antichrist will have all
the answers that pelage our world today. He will have the cure for just about
every incurable disease know to man, thanks to the assistance From the alien
abductee research. In Revelation 13:13 it says{ He did unbelievable miracles
such as making fire flame down to earth from the skies while everyone was
Highly Possible that he will use some kind of highly
sophisticated alien technology to perform this light show. When these angels
were in heaven before they were thrown down to the earth, they were full of
God’s glory, but when they rebelled against God they lost their glory and took
on the form we know them as today, aliens. The masters of the new Age Movement
are aliens says Benjamin Creem. The leader of the aliens will speak to everyone
telepathically on television around the world and everyone will understand him
in their own langue. The Life is in the blood. In Deuteronomy 12:23 God says
that the life is in the blood. I believe that in order for these fallen angels
to take on physical form they need the life blood of live stock. They mutilate them
and take massive amounts of blood to use for the express purpose of
transforming into physical beings called Aliens. Once in physical form they are
free to continue in their diabolical schemes.

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Re: Are the one third of the fallen angels- by Lee Martone

Post  Waqar Daniel on Sat 01 Dec 2007, 12:46 pm

This is really an interesting subject regarding Aliens, their visitations and abductions. Although, majority of them are just hoax and people try to gain some publicity. But I do believe that some of the cases of Alien abductions and visitations does point out towards satan and his evil forces. Many cases are just to deny God and His authority. There are many towns in the world and specially in Mexico, that have reported Alien visitations and now look at those small towns, they have five star hotels - a business gimmick?

I can talk with experience of such things. Many demons that Jesus Christ cast out through my prayers were actually sex partners. I know, most of you may not believe me but it is very common that people perform some rituals and get possessed by these demons to fulfill their sexual fantasies. It is quite violent, yet people take pleasure out of it. This is an old practice that was done in Egypt, Syria, Africa, India and now it is practised all around the world. Even if you cast these demons or evil spirits out, people enjoy it so much that they perform the rituals again and get possessed again. Evil has no boundaries and specially when it comes to sex, jealousy, hatred power and authority.

One more question is there, if aliens are super beings, then, why are they so ugly and we look better than them. Let us see some pictures of Aliens:

Picture 1

Look at the features of this alien, this is the most common type of alien that is considered to be our creator, protector of earth and super beings. If these are the creator, then why are we better looking than them?

Picture 2

Although, this is a worship image of Egyptians, however, the Alien Cult (as they should be known as) claim that the Egyptians used to worship them.

Picture 3

This is a classical example of hoax pictures to gain publicity.

Thank you Lee for posting this here. God bless you and your family.


Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the LORD Jesus Christ. (Philemon 1:3)

Waqar Daniel

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Re: Are the one third of the fallen angels- by Lee Martone

Post  dove on Sat 01 Dec 2007, 3:50 pm

I agree that this is an interesting topic but I really do not care about it because I don't believe that there are aliens visiting us. The science has developed a lot and there are huge telescopes yet they cannot find any probe or stray alien ship. I still remember as a child when I used to watch "Space 1999", that showed that we will be flying around in the cars in the year 1999. We will be living in space stations and visiting other planets. I have seen 1999 and nothing of that sort happened in our lives and it will never happen in our lives. It is all hoax and people just imagine things to reject God. They will believe in all foolish things but they will never believe in God. Many say that they cannot see God, so they do not believe in it, yet they believe in all stupid things like aliens, even without seeing or experiencing them.

God bless all
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Re: Are the one third of the fallen angels- by Lee Martone

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