The Unseen Tragedy

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The Unseen Tragedy

Post  goldentree on Sat 15 Dec 2007, 10:14 am

The Unseen Tragedy
By Jason Powers

(Job 33:24, 25)

24 Then he is gracious unto him, and saith, Deliver

him from going down to the pit: I have found a

ransom. 25 His flesh shall be fresher than a child's:

he shall return to the days of his youth:

Sickness is a pit that can cause such pain and weakness. When sickness hits your life it feels like a substantial pit. It feels like there is no way out when you're so deep in a mess. Think about Joseph when he was in the pit that his brothers threw him in. He was lonely with darkness all around and with confusion setting in his heart and mind. Why would it be confusion for Joseph? Because, if you remember, God almighty gave Joseph promises of being someone great (A powerful leader) and then one day he finds himself in a pit. The Lord never showed him the pit coming; all Joseph seen was the promise. Joseph seen himself in dreams being in great authority and leadership; he didn't have dreams of pits and betrayal. The God of Israel didn't show him the trouble, all the Lord showed him was the promise. The reason I am using the example of Joseph here, is because this pit experience that Joseph went through can be an excellent example for us to learn from. The Lord always speaks His promises, but He never shows you everything. He only showed Joseph the promise, not the pit that would come.

As Joseph was at the bottom of that pit he had to learn to trust in the God of his fathers. Before the pit, Joseph had it pretty good. He was loved and favored by his father, his family gave him a lot of attention, and then at night; when Joseph would lay his head down to go to sleep the Lord would visit him in dreams, showing him great and mighty things for his future. Then one day Joseph woke up thinking that this would be just another glorious day, not knowing that this was about to be the worst and most fearful day of his life. His own brothers would attack him and throw him into a pit and even desire to kill him while he was at the bottom of that pit. Imagine the pain of that pit experience that Joseph went through, being betrayed by the very people he loved and would do anything for. The same people he grew up with laughing and playing together now want to see him dead.

Now, there are three emotions that come when we experience a pit situation. The first emotion is the feeling of being all alone. This is a terrible feeling that millions of people go through each year because of sickness and disease. When sickness hits your life you feel that you are all alone in this battle. Because really there is nothing that anyone can do but comfort you and tell you to hang in there. The doctor might be able to give you some kind of advice or medicine that will make you feel better, but the pain of feeling all alone is in the heart and only Jesus can fix that.

Maybe, as you're reading this book you are one of the ones that's sick and feeling that you're all alone in this pit. I can tell you on the authority of God's word that you are not alone. The precious Holy Spirit is right there with you. As you fellowship with Him He will comfort you like no one else can. Remember that the bible say's that Joseph had the Spirit of wisdom on his life. (Genesis 41:38, 39) How do you think that Joseph became so acquainted with the Holy Spirit to have such wisdom? I believe as Joseph was in that pit he begin to fellowship with the Lord in such a way that it forever changed his view on whether or not he was alone in the pit. Because when you are at your lowest and you have no-one to turn to, you will begin to experience just how close Jesus really is, how loving He is, how merciful He is and so much more. He will become closer than a brother. (As the bible say's it)

The next emotion you will feel in that pit is betrayal. Joseph probably wrestled in his mind over and over, "What did I do to make my brothers hate me". Anytime a tragedy hits our life, what do we do? We begin to question God. Why God, how God, when God. We feel as though we did something that made Him mad and we think He has forsaken us. Imagine what Joseph felt like in his pit; the Lord shows Joseph all these promises of being a great leader and now he is in a pit. I am sure he thought God has forsaken him. Maybe he thought God has changed His mind. Joseph might have raced around in his mind searching for answers why would this kind of thing happened. If this is something you're doing today, I want to encourage you to trust Him and shut off the mind. Satan will try to tell you that God has forsaken you, God's promises will never come to pass in your life and so much more. But remember; plant your self in the word of God, for the promises of the Lord are yea and Amen. (2 Corinthians 1:20) Jesus has not forsaken you, He has not betrayed you, just believe and trust Him today. He will surely bring you out of this pit.

The last emotion that you will experience in the pit is a feeling of without hope. Many in the world have committed suicide because they felt that there was no-hope. But you as a believer do not have to feel that way because we have the Holy Spirit that will always comfort us no matter how deep that pit is. When the doctor has done all that he can do and tells you that there is nothing else to do just know that Jesus Christ has the finale word about your situation. One of the toughest things for the believer to do is to endure. God's timing is not our timing and waiting for His timing can be so hard (especially if you're in pain). But His timing is always perfect, we must continue to endure and keep believing. Even if you have to cry, keep believing, even if you feel like getting angry, keep believing, when the doctor say's to you, you have so long to live, keep believing, for nothing is impossible with our God. (Luke 1:37) Don't buy the lies that satan will try to fill your mind with and don't listen to the doubting Christians either. Surround yourself with people of faith that will stand with you and command that mountain to be removed. (Matthew 17:20)

I want to end this teaching with this. If you will study the last part of verse 24, where it say's "I have found a ransom" then study 1stTimothy 2:5, 6 you will see that because Jesus became a curse for us we are no longer bound to sickness and death. Jesus is our ransom and because Jesus is our ransom we don't have to die in the pit, victory is ours, deliverance is ours, and complete abundance is ours because of Jesus. Thank you Jesus!

Jason Powers Author and Bible Teacher was given his God ordained calling in the summer of 1997. Today, Jason has his own ministry as a Bible Teacher and Writer. Jason's heart is to reach out to souls and to encourage others not to give up believing for their miracle.

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I agree - Lee

Post  Guest on Sun 23 Dec 2007, 6:42 am

Very good letter, someone might ask, how long should I pray for this. My answer is tell you get an answer for God, keep one praying for what you want till you get a yes or a no from God. Lee

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The unseen tragedy?

Post  Guest on Sun 23 Dec 2007, 5:29 pm

goldentree, I thank
you for posting this wonderful article. We need to wait on the Lord the Bible
teaches us, that Yahweh always hears us when we pray. Our prayers are in a
vessel and when that vessel comes to be open by Yahweh
there goes your answer. What really works for me is I always use Jesus prayer
when he resurrected Lazarus, He said I thank you father that you always hear me.
And this is a powerful prayer in the sense that without faith, we cannot please
the Father, for whatever is not of faith is sin. Love your post. May Yahweh,
bless your out goings and all your incomings and most of all give you health
peace and joy Anastasia


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Re: The Unseen Tragedy

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