The Incredible Bible Codes- by Lee Martone

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The Incredible Bible Codes- by Lee Martone

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The Incredible Bible Codes

Several years ago
computer scientists in Israel
discovered a staggering phenomenon – encoded worlds hidden within the text
found hidden codes that revealed an astonishing knowledge of future events and
personalities. The existence of these codes can only be explained if God
inspired the writers to record His precise words.

An Astonishing Discovery

Rabbi Michael Dov
Weissmandl, A brilliant Czechoslovakian

Jewish scholar in
astronomy, mathematics, and Judaic studies, found an obscure reference to these
codes in a book written by a fourteenth-century rabbi, Raddeynu Baschayah. This
reference described a pattern of letters encoded within the Torah, the first
five books of the Bible. This discovery during the years before World War 1 inspired
Rabbi Weissmandl to search for other examples of codes hidden within the Torah.
During the war years, he found that he could locate certain meaningful words,
phrases, and word pairs, such as “hammer” and “anvil,” if he found the first
letter and then skipped forward a certain number of letters to find the second
one, and the same number again to find the third one, and so on. As an example, he found the letter tav --,
the first letter of the world Torah ----, the Hebrew word for “law,” within the
first word of Genesis 1:1, “Beginnings” bereishis------. Then, by skipping
forward fifty letters, he found the second letter vav--. He continued to skip forward fifty letters
and found reysh—and finally the last letter hey--, completing the spelling of
the word Torah---. The rabbi was astonished to find that many significant words
were hidden within the text of the Torah at equally spaced intervals. These
intervals varied from every two litters up to hundreds of letters apart.
Although Rabbi Weissmandl found many encoded names by manually counting the
letters in the text, he did not record his code discoveries in writing.
Fortunately, some of his students did. Over the following decades, students in Israel
who had heard about his research began searching the Torah for themselves to
ascertain whether or not such codes actually existed.

Their discoveries
ultimately resulted in research studies at Hebrew University
that have proven the validity of the codes, now known as Equidestant Letter Sequence (ESL) codes. In the last
decade, the introduction of sophisticated high-speed computers has allowed
Jewish scholars at Hebrew
University to explore the
text of the Torah in ways that were unavailable to previous generations. In
1988 three mathematics and computer experts at Hebrew
University and thye Jerusalem College
of Technology (Doron Witztum, Toav Rosenberg, and Eliyahu Rips) completed an
astonishing research project the followed up Rabbi Weismandl’s original
research. As a result, they published a paper in August 1994 original research.
As a result, they published a paper in August 1994 called “Equidistant Letter
Sequences in the Book of Genesis” in one of the most prominent mathematical and
scientific journals in the world, the American mathematics journal Statistical
Science. In one experiment, the scientists arbitrarily chose three hundred
Hebrew Word-pairs that were logically related in meaning, such as “hammer” and
“anvil,” or “tree” and “leaf,” or “man” and “woman.” They asked the computer Program
to locate any such word pairs anywhere in the Genesis text. Once the computer
found the first letter in the Hebrew word for “hammer,” it would look for the
second letter at various intervals or spaces between letters. If the program
could not locate the second letter of the target word ”hammer” following the
second letter of the target word ”hammer” following the first letter at a
two-letter interval, and so forth. Once it located the second letter at, say,
the twelve-letter interval, it would then skip forward at the same
twelve-letter interval looking for the third letter, and so on through all
78,064 Hebrew Letters in the book of Genesis. The computer also looked for
coded words by checking in reverse order. After the program had examined the
text for each of the three hundred word pairs, the researchers were astonished
to find that every single word-pair had been located in Genesis in close
proximity to each other. As mathematicians and statisticians, they were
naturally astounded because they knew it was impossible for humans to construct
such an intricate and complicated pattern beneath a surface text, such as
Genesis, which tells the history of the beginnings of the Jewish people. The
bottom line is that only a supernatural intelligence, far beyond our human ability,
could have produced the intricate pattern of secretly coded words found in the

The Bible Codes Speak Of Future Events

That was only the
beginning of the story.In a 1994

Paper, the team of
researchers recorded the results of a new experiment involving their search for
pairs of encoded words that related to events that occurred thousands of years
after Moses wrote the Torah. They selected the names of thirty-four of the most
prominent rabbis and Jewish sages who lived from the beginning of the ninth to
the end of the eighteenth century. These Jewish sages had the longest
biographies found in the Encyclopedia of Great Men in Israel, a
well-respected Jewish reference book. They asked the computer program to search
the text of the Torah for close word pairs coded at equally spaced intervals
that contained the names of the famous rabbis, paired with their dates of birth
or death (using the Hebrew month and day). The Jewish people celebrate the
memory of their famous sages by commemorating the dates of their deaths.
Incredibly, the computer program found every single one of the thirty-four
names of these famous rabbis embedded in the text of Genesis. Each name of a
rabbi was paired in significantly close proximity to the actual date of his birth
or the date of his death. The odds against this occurring by chance were
calculated by the Israeli mathematicians to be only one chance in 775,000,000!
The scientist and editors at the Statistical Science journal who reviewed the
experimental data were naturally amazed. They demanded that the Israeli
scientists run the computer test program again on a second sample group. This
time they searched for the names of a second group of thirty-two prominent
Jewish sages listed in the encyclopedia. To the astonishment of the skeptical
reviewers, the results were equally successful with the second set of famous
sages. The combined test revealed that the names and dates of the births or
deaths of every of the sixty-six most famous Jewish sages were encoded in close
proximity within the text of Genesis.

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Re: The Incredible Bible Codes- by Lee Martone

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Very informative article and I have also read a lot of articles on codes of Bible. God gave us everything, every answer and clue to any imagination. This is an amazing study just like looking for clues on a Treasure Map. I enjoyed when I started to read all the articles on the Internet. Thank you for putting such an informative article for us to benefit from.

God bless you
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