The Power Of God-by Lee

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The Power Of God-by Lee

Post  Guest on Sat 22 Dec 2007, 2:56 am

The Power of God
The secrets of the knowledge of Heaven have been given to you. You have the key to the secret power of the Almighty, to walk on the serpent and to rip the spiritual veil of blindness, and to behold the wonders of God. You shall know the secret power to the great King, his eternal power has been given to you. This letter is dedicated to anybody who is a believer. I love you because you are my brother or sister in Christ, a true child of the King. My prayer for you is for God Almighty to impart to you his spirit of interpretation, of discernment, and of distinguishing between spirits. I pray that the Lord will place within you a Holy fire that will never burn out, a hunger to seek him with your whole heart. Persistence, and not giving up is the key to attaining his power to conquer sin, so you can remove the wall of sin that separates you from God. The more sin you get rid of, the more you are made into his likeness, you become more like him, which is to be sinless. You have to give up anything that is sinful, and if you really want to get close to God, you have to even give up all the things that do not have anything to do with God, and only deal with the things that brings God glory and honor. Your goal should be, to let your life reflect a mirror image of Jesus by using him as your roll model. If you do this I guarantee you, that God will be proud of you. You will enter into the favor of God. But living like this should take up most of you spare time, your spare time will be devoted to him. His Holiness, His presence is worth it. God will not fail to make Himself known to you. Once you find Him you will never let Him go. I am sure you will be a good servant of God. You will please him, and do great and mighty things in his name. So sing and shout, and jump for joy, for your redemption draws near. Our hope lies in the skies. Living Holy sets you above sinful things, things of this world. Keep the truth, of God with you at all times, and know that he is with you always, even until the end of the world Amen. A servant of the Lord Yeshua,Jesus Christ.
Lee Martone

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