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Martin Luther, Mandela, Obama

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obama - Martin Luther, Mandela, Obama Empty Martin Luther, Mandela, Obama

Post  fennywest on Thu 21 Oct 2010, 3:50 pm

Martin Luther, Mandela, Obama
Brought blacks to a New Era
Not just those in America
But all those in the diaspora
To think big, dream big dreams
Dream outside the box
Get off their socks
get off their backside
And take a big stride.

Letís get up and act
Letís make an impact;
Make an imprint;
Bold, untold, remarkable.
Letís make an imprint
In the sands of time;
Letís make an imprint
In the nick of time

This is not the time to retire
Or expire, or perspire
But a time to be inspired to inspire.
Let's repair the damage
that has been made
in the black psyche.

Let's rid ourselves of the
Slothful and slavish mentality
and throw away the beggarly garments.
Let's arise from poverty and squalor
Let's arise from penury and recover
from myopia and degradation.
Let's arise and recover from
the negative self-image.
That has done a lot of damage.
Itís time to go over
And not under
Itís time to Ďgo to the other sideí
This is not a time to play
Weak, or hide under Ďsickiesí.
This is not the time to play
the blame game but to know
there is a way if there is a will.

I come to tell you
Even if youíre few
That all things are possible
To those who will not buckle
because of the struggle
But will believe to the end;
believe even if they are spent;
Believe in the God who makes
impossibilities possible.

It is time to use your head
and keep your head; as you get ahead
to ditch the drugs and drinks
as you get your bread
It is time to reach higher heights
And go deeper depths
to rein in integrity
and ring out mediocrity
to rein in excellence and
drive out indolence
and do well whatever
your hand finds to do
with all your heart,
with all your soul
and with all your strength
If God be for you
who can be against you?

Enough of postulation.
Enough procrastination.
Arise and shine!
For your light has come
And the glory of the Lord
Has risen upon you.

Letís go to work.
Enough of the talk
Letís explore, make great exploits
Letís employ, not just be employed
Letís deploy our talents.

Excel, donít repel
Succeed, others feed
Exceed expectation.
be efficient and proficient.
You are not inferior or superior
You are God's-kind
Have this in mind.
Letís learn from Him;
Buddy with Him
And leave a legacy
For humanity.
To Glorify God!

Yes, the threshold has been moved.
There is a paradigm shift
which has come to lift.
Letís take this opportunity
With both hands
As we enter the Promised Land
Letís embrace the new ray of light
with renewed importunity
And maximise the moment;
make the most of the moment.

Let us Rise and Work!
Every valley shall be exalted!
Every mountain shall be levelled!
Arise and see a New Vista of Hope!
Arise and see a New Era!
Rivers shall rise in the desert
There shall be a road in the wilderness.

Brothers and sisters
Itís a level playing field.
Can you believe it?
The sky is the limit
For you, and for me.

For the day is far spent
and the night comes
when no one can work.
Make your mark
And make a good mark at that,
that will remain
indelible, undeniable
in the sands of time
Marks that will speak;
and speak volumes
long after you are gone.

Donít be your enemy
regardless of the principalities.
Let there be no friendly fire.
We need each other to go on further
survive the future
avoid any seizure
Letís fight for this future.
.Let believe we have what it takes
To make a change for good.
Yes we are different
But with that difference
we can bring colourful beauty to humanity
Like Josephís coat of many colours.
We can compliment, add and multiply.
Assuage and enhance .
Be a bridge for a better tomorrow
Increase joy, decrease sorrow

To this end Examine ourselves
Get rid of the cancer in our body.
Admit our weakness
refuel, make amends
Let us learn and earn, donít just yearn
Let us delay gratification
For promotion and elevation.
Let us renew our minds
New vision find
Exercise self-control
Educate our souls.
Create, invent, recreate, educate
invest, innovate, motivate
muster every strength, Master
surf the crest, mount up to surmount
pass the test and be the best
Arise and give glory to God, I say!

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Post  WARRIOR on Thu 21 Oct 2010, 5:21 pm

With God all things are possible. Very energetic write! Blessings.

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