The Letter

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The Letter

Post  Irv Everett on Wed 23 Apr 2008, 10:16 pm

The Letter

A church sent a form letter through the mail to me today.

It said we are having a special event for the Pastor on Sunday.

I started not to read the rest of what was wrote.

But my eyes were drawn to a yellow stick note.

It was a one by one square stuck firmly on the page.

It was a personal touch the best that I could gage.

Probably wants money, or someone saying gimme;

Then I read the words “Please Come, Jimmy”.

I did not plan to go back; my love had been broke;

But God was calling to me through a yellow sticky note.

We went back to the church to darken its doorway;

My heart was hardened; no one would see me after today.

A plaque was given to the preacher, 30 years of thick and thin.

His love for Jesus touched me and stirred the spirit within.

On our way home a conversation with my wife;

She asked me to go back to church, back to God’s way of life.

The old devil spoke to me, he said we don’t need this let’s have some fun;

forget all that good Christian stuff, just cut and run.

Get the behind me Satan, get the behind me Satan, I quote.

For God’s love was shown to me through Jimmy’s sticky note.

Renew your spirit within me, a double portion this I pray;

God please forgive me of my backslidden way.

This I confess to the congregation in all that I have wrote;

God can use anything to show his love even a yellow sticky note.
Irv Everett

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Re: The Letter

Post  WARRIOR on Tue 18 May 2010, 8:07 pm

The Lord does work in mysterious ways to get our attention.

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