Stay Out of the Devil's Vineyard

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Stay Out of the Devil's Vineyard

Post  Fenny West on Sat 31 May 2008, 11:28 pm

Tempted to eat the forbidden fruit?
Then stay out of the devil’s vineyard.
He dangles the carrot, makes it look so cute,
Seducing, alluring into His yard.

He’s just like a sheep in wolves clothing.
Lurking and waiting always lying
Deceptive, destructive, dying to kill.
He’s a serpent, cunning, slithery, slippery and sneaky.

His mouth is sweeter than sugar and honey.
Sometimes he’ll offer good things like money.
sometimes he’ll use you to destroy you.
Sometimes he deceives, pretend he’s not there .
Other times he acts as if he cares.

Don’t play the fool, run into God in full.
Leave the devil’s dangerous orchard.
God has a better glorious garden-
New Eden, leading to heaven.

Be not deceived by the masquerade.
He prowls like a lion, seeking whom to devour.
Disguising often like an angel of life and light.
Often saying, “Peace, peace” when there is no peace.
He says, ”Porn is fun and cool” when the heat is on.
He gives you religion like an opium to lull and dull.
He’s even in Churches and in some pulpits;
Well-dressed, shaven, sometimes in three-piece suit,
Controlling like Jezebel, tempting like Delilah.

Get out of there! Don’t lose your vision, sight and light;
Like Samson, playing the fool, toying with the holy.
Flee!” Don’t look back, like lot’s wife.
Flee youthful lust!!

Use the sword like Jesus, It is written, It is written... xxxx


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