Being Humble Supportive

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Being Humble Supportive

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Once on a time there was a carpenter who build houses to the poor for free. Once asked about her intentions she simply said that she did not like nor agree with people to be left without housing. She without a license nor permit to build houses from good wholesome fresh wood from nearby forrest by the commands of the town officials inquired all craftsmen like her would fine much money for houses similar she built and pay a debit sum to the king known as Ethiapis. The poor however, agreed to keep her fine quality work support a secret well kept from the town officials so they would not press charges against this wonderful deed. The lady carpenter's secret became later known by two sons of the king who noticed a village of fine houses without permission to be builded. The next day The king's other son withdrew from the king's palace grounds and decided to be on a quest to journey much about in seeking and finding exceedingly. The king's other son made of his life a full lived party till he finally did not have any more money to cover any more expenses, thing that the king told his son that if he is ever was going to return to him he should come with seven fold the money he was first allowed and given for his adventure. One day after being lost in the wilderness because he hid himself from spreading word of what he has done with his life to the King, this king's other son was seen by the lady carpenter sitting on the grass with a dozen picked apples from the forrest. The lady carpenter smiled and offer herself to build him a very cozy home without fee or charge, thing that gave the king's other son new hope from having nothing. Soon and very soon a new blessed home among the poor villagers was now newly begotten and it was gratified that the village was humbled as one united family and he was offered good sustaining food to eat by the united villagers. At the return of the king's older sons with the very king Ethiapis himself demanding an explanation and fine for the well constructed houses without permit otherwise then saw the other son being welcomed by the poor villagers who offered themselves very well. The king was very much shocked for what he has seen, and from that time forward the lady carpenter was offered promotion in the king's kingdom for being such a good news to his son. But only because the king's very other son was helped very good did the king find noble liking to the lady carpenter's work and support. Then it is true that good news conquer bad news. The king never again charged for people's living rights!
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