Words of Dying Atheists and Skeptics

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Words of Dying Atheists and Skeptics

Post  Johntheservant on Mon 09 Mar 2009, 5:40 pm

Thomas Paine:

"I would give worlds if I had them, that The Age of Reason had never been published. O Lord, help me! Christ, help me! . . No, don't leave; stay with me! Send even a child to stay with me; for I am on the edge of Hell here alone. If ever the Devil had an agent, I have been that one."
Robert Ingersoll:

"O God, if there be a God, save my soul, if I have a soul!" (Some say it was this way: "Oh God, if there be a God, save my soul if I have a soul, from hell, if there be a hell!")

"I am abandoned by God and man; I will give you half of what I am worth if you will give me six months' life." (He said this to Dr. Fochin, who told him it could not be done.) "THEN I SHALL DIE AND GO TO HELL!"

Sir Francis Newport,the head of an English infidel club: "You need not tell me there is no God for I know there is one, and that I am in His presence! You need not tell me there is no hell. I feel myself already slipping. Wretches, cease your idle talk about there being hope for me! I know I am lost forever! Oh, that fire! Oh, the insufferable pangs of hell!"

Sir Thomas Scott: "Until this moment, I thought there was neither God nor hell; now I know and feel that there are both, and I am doomed to perdition by the just judgment of the Almighty!"

M.F. Rich: "Terrible horrors hang over my soul! I have given my immortality for gold; and its weight sinks me into a hopeless, helpless Hell!"

Thomas Hobbs: "I say again, IF I HAD THE WHOLE WORLD AT MY DISPOSAL, I WOULD GIVE IT TO LIVE ONE DAY. I am about to take a leap into the dark."

Caesar Borgia: "While I lived, I provided for everything but death; now I must die, and AM UNPREPARED TO DIE."

Severus - Roman Emperor: "I have been everything, and everything is NOTHING."

Thomas Carslyle:
I am as good as without hope - a sad, old man gazing into the final chasm."

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Re: Words of Dying Atheists and Skeptics

Post  Waqar Daniel on Wed 11 Mar 2009, 12:22 pm

Very informative article. Some believe in Jesus and submit their lives to Him yet some in deception wait to bow down before Jesus on the Judgment Day. Thank you for sharing it here.


Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the LORD Jesus Christ. (Philemon 1:3)

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