Fatherhood of God

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Fatherhood of God

Post  Fenny West on Sun 26 Apr 2009, 2:58 am

He is a Father
Who created you-
A comforter
Come to comfort you.

He made you His choice
From the beginning,
To hear is voice,
Despite the hustling and bustling.

“You may have been used;
And now even disconcerted;
Yes, even abused
Trampled on, discarded.

“But I know you and knew you from
Even your mother’s womb
And I ordained you
From womb to tomb.

“Come receive my love
So vast, unconditional
Receive my love from above
So great- phenomenal.

“Shall a mother forget her child?
You’re engraved on My Palm
I will not forget you, even if you’re wild.
You’re my choice, My precious plan.

“Comfort ye my people
I am a God of all comforts
Comfort her with the comfort
I have comforted you with.
Receive this comfort by My Holy Spirit

“You may not know your father
Or have a father who is present but ABSENT.
The father you know may have misrepresented Me.

That was why I sent My Son Who was
The exact representation of Me.
He came to care, love unconditionally
lay down His life for you.
He came to restore you to your
Original estate; give you a true
Picture and meaning of Fatherhood
Who disciplines, corrects because He loves;
Who provides because He presides;
Who protects without pretense;
Who prays for you without ceasing;
Who pleads your case as your Advocate;
Who fights your battle;
Who feeds you as the shepherd feeds the flock.
Rejoice! You have a loving, caring,
Living heavenly Father, with an undying,
Unfading ever-green love for YOU! “

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Re: Fatherhood of God

Post  LivinginChrist on Sun 26 Apr 2009, 10:40 pm

Well done and I loved it reading. Blessings of Jesus for preaching and proclaiming the kingdom of God.
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