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Walk in the Light

Post  WARRIOR on Thu 01 Apr 2010, 8:00 pm

The realization is that I am a spirit in a material world. And all that surrounds me is nothing. My value is not in The things but in you Heavenly Father. Jesus I trust in You. When I can see with the eyes of my spirit through The vale of time – And recognize eternity is here and now. It is within all men in their souls, for we are spirit and eternal. The danger being of self-love, and falling short of our Reliance and surrender to you Lord. We become deceived And live for self. We become blind to the great illumination Of your Holy Spirit always with us and in all things. We are Only separate from you by choosing so, for you can never leave us. Our spirit came from you. When we live for the flesh – the temporal, fading glories of the World, we cut off the direction you so desire to give us. The great enlightenment is walking in the reality, I am a spirit In a material world – soon to one day return to the Holy Spirit’s Home and place in heaven. I have the desire to be holy. I have the ability to create; my words bring forth life, they set in motion Actions. I will have to account for whey I created what I did. For I bear your likeness. I bear your name. so I must act Appropriately and bring honor and not shame to you Oh Lord. So my rewards in heaven are based on what I create. May I never lose the peace of surrender; of knowing you are Always with me; of the comfort that nothing can touch me Without your knowing or consent, and always for my spiritual Growth and good. You are the light of the world. So I desire to Walk in that light Heavenly Father.
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