Nij a, Here we Come

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Nij a, Here we Come

Post  fennywest on Tue 04 May 2010, 8:15 pm

I returned from Nigeria recently where I was greeted with a lot of warmth, treated like a celebrity. I bottled my experience which I share, even using our pigeon English as my language.
It would be Greek to many. Feel free to ask questions. If you're able to understand it, bravo!

Nija, Here We Come
After12 years away
Stranger in my Land
Gotta be shown the way home.
Like the blind I followed where I was led.

Came with a great expectation
And there was no disappointment
Right from the airport
My eye began to see
Plenty to talk and write about.
Now make I change my language
I hope you go fit follow me.
A no know where a go begin
Whether from the airport salute
Where dem short-change us
Or from de search-upon-search
Where dem nearly strip us.
We be professionals for Nija
For one of us them pull the wool
over our eye, making away with 600 naira
but dat one na chicken feed, ke
another one na 4000 naira short-change
and then 7000 naira
It was mago mago, cunny cunny
The more you look the less you see
The wayo plenty everywhere
So we prepare for am welu welu.

Me I hol my pocket tight O!
As we dey go from the airport to the village
We cross many rivers with amphibian cars
de drivers na navigational experts
them be infantry, naval officers and air force
all at de same time
dey can wangle their way through thick and thin
trees, mountains, gutters, people, seas; you name it
them go drive pass am
my eye see wonders for Habour road
when rain fall water nearly pass gari
I know say we don arrive when we begin to remove shoe
and roll trouser to the knee to cross
the instant river to enter a bank to change money
Ibeto road Port Harcourt na one road way make im mark
Killing cars quickly
We waded, plodded through de swamp
Dancing, treading, careering bravely
Through de treacherous terrain
Indibayin ekele kwamu yin
My people I salute you
As for warmth we get am surplus
Whether from the weather or from the people
Dem treat us like celebrity
like the Beckhams, drogbas, Taribos
you better put the tie away
or you will roast yourself alive
‘pure water’ na precious commodity

We meet a lot of Meeters and Greeters
forget the airport trolley-men
wey de impose themselves on you
whether you like am or not,
dem dey plenty in all sizes and shapes
the frontrunner or gold-medalist
na de snake wey say im get right of way like we.
We give am way becos we no want palava
Since na village we dey go I expect
anything to meet us or greet us
so we see ants, bees, centipedes
(this came right from under the bed)
I did not hesitate to send her to her Maker
Others na goats, lizard (wey no let me capture am for camera),
sheep, dogs. a go get problem with these for village
But when a begin see monkey, baboon,

tiger for Garden city ‘s Aggrey Road, then e pass power
as for the insect crawling freely on the dinner table?
Get over it! dem be part of the family
Eat your food and thank God for the food

The community spirit?
You no fit get am for another place
The soup na something else
E dey yummy for my tommy
Full of isam (periwinkle), snail,
Goat meat, opuro (prawn) fresh fish
Palatable, delicious, unforgettable
Simply heaven on earth

Power supply?
This one na joke-
at least for the Garden City
NEPA- Never Expect Power Always
Dem perform true to their name
Before you know say light don come
Dem go just take am again
Sometimes dem go bring am when you wan sleep
May be dem no want you to use am at all
No wonder people no dey bother put light off
De noise from generators na wa
Almost every house get am
Dem call some ‘I better pass my neighbour’-the tiny ones
As for water, everyone for im self
You must buy am O or you go die of thirst.
Church na big bizness
Competing for every space on de road
Whether na Greater Evangelism, winners
Redeemed, Christ Embassy,
Assemblies, Life Way or what have you
Even cults dey fight for their share of the spiritual cake
If you want signs and wonders, dem dey plenty
But you must part with your money and come into bondage.
As for transport?
Okada dey reign for villages and some towns
Sometimes even four people dey for one motor bike
If okada no dey den you go take taxi or bus
Na six people for de taxi including de driver O
That one na standard, even police no go stop am for Garden City.
Our own pass power
We know no if our President
Dey very sick, paralysed, dey abroad or don die
Na so den dem sue each other everyday
While Lawyers dey laugh as dem dey go bank
Dem dey even take corruption fight corruption
But you go believe say
Life still they go on welu welu
dem know how to make the best of wetin dem get
To make progress even pass we wey say we dey oyibo land
Dey pay mortgage and bills without end
My brother or sister despite the wahala
For water, heat, electricity and road
Man enjoy the place
After all na home
Na there man grow up.
Never mind say Volcanic ash
nearly make me hostage
But God turn am around for me
God use people provide for me welu welu
Im protect me from thieves
Praise His holy Name!
God good every time.
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Re: Nij a, Here we Come

Post  WARRIOR on Thu 13 May 2010, 3:08 pm

Wow Fenny! I could understand this. Very tribal, enjoyed! Thank you for posting it. Reminds me I have so much to be thankful for, sometimes I take things for granted. This truly is a blessing to read, and to remind me to pray for others a world away. Blessings!

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