Oh Man ~

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Oh Man ~

Post  WARRIOR on Thu 30 Sep 2010, 3:18 pm

Oh man,
No one will be with you
You will stand alone
Before the Lord eternal
You will have to give an account
Of the gift of your life
What you have done with it
You will have to tell the Father
Why you did or did not
Receive Him in your life
Why you wasted or invested your talents
Why you neglected or nurtured love
Oh man,
You will have to be weighed
And not found wanting
To walk through the gates to life
Rather than to the pit of hell
You will have to confess then
On bended knee His Sovereignty
Why wait to late to do so?
Why risk the loss of everything
For what is temporary?
Oh man,
Do you know you are alone?
Do you know nothing you put faith in
Or hope in will last
But Christ himself alone
Oh man,
What foundation have you built on?
Do you not know your mortal soul
Will have to give an account for your life rendered?
Are you prepared oh man?
Life is not guaranteed
Neither is the gift of salvation
To those who keep refusing it for now.
Make sure thy salvation
For you never know
The day you will be called from this life.
Are you prepared?
Make sure of it now.
~ Eternity is forever

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