Enigmatic Jesus

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Enigmatic Jesus

Post  fennywest on Thu 23 Dec 2010, 7:49 am

Enigmatic Jesus
God with us
The Word of Life
That brought us life
The Word, in the Beginning
Who was the beginning
The Word that was with God
The Word that was God
The Word that was
The Word that is
The Word that is to come.

Through Him was Creation
He makes us New Creations
He was truly Man and truly God
God came to man that man may come to God.
He owned the earth in all its fullness
But stooped so low to lift us out of our emptiness.
He was God’s brightness
In the world’s darkness
He came to reveal man to God
To bridge the gap between man and God.
He came to His own
But He was disowned
He was born to die
To lift sinners high
As many as come to Him
As many as receive Him
Not based on their works
But based on His perfect work.

On the cross He paid the price
Gave His life, an atoning sacrifice.
The deal He did is a done deal
Not what anyone can steal.
With His blood the deal was sealed
And by His stripes we were healed.

Dead and buried, He rose again
Ascended on high and now He reigns.
Someday He is coming back again
Coming with a great victory train.

Are you ready for Him?
Are you routing for Him?
Are you waiting for Him?
Have you accepted Him
As not only Lord but Saviour?

Without the way
You have lost your way
Without the truth
You have lost your root
Without the Life
You have no life.
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Re: Enigmatic Jesus

Post  WARRIOR on Tue 28 Dec 2010, 2:49 pm

Blessings... very good!!

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