The Fall and the Call

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The Fall and the Call

Post  fennywest on Fri 19 Aug 2011, 1:51 pm

Were told
‘You can eat of
Any of the trees in
The Garden except
The Tree of the knowledge
Of Good and Evil. The day you
Disobey , you will surely die.
But the serpent, the devil, came
Very cunningly and said, 'Has God
Really said? Of course you will not die.
Your eyes will be opened and you will be
Like God.' And Eve obeyed him and ate and
She gave to Adam, her husband and he also ate
And so we fell
Came short of
The glory of God
Fell from grace.
Adam and Eve
Were banished
The curse came
But thank God
Mercy also came
God made a way
For man to return
Through Jesus Christ,
By being born again.

Gen2:16-17,-3:: Rom3:23-6:23
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