Depression's Desert

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Depression's Desert

Post  Irv Everett on Tue 29 Jan 2013, 3:55 pm

Depressionís Desert

I find myself in depressionís desert
A vast wasteland dry and bare
Where nobody knows the pain I feel
And no one tends to care

Where sadness, the arid wind does blow
Like a desolate breath on my face
And waterless plains breed desperation
Of solitary moments and empty space

Fruitless and uninhabitable
Lonely solitude, my span of time
Lost in these moments of dejection
Emotional anguish corrupts my mind

And deep within this barren wilderness
I sank beneath Satanís shifting sands
To sterile whispers of being forsaken
That God relinquished his grip to my hand

I found myself in the midst of the desert
A vast wasteland dry and bare
I had taken my eyes from the Savior
Yet He said to my heart, Iím here and I care
Irv Everett

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