Who Am I?

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Who Am I?

Post  fennywest on Sun 10 Aug 2014, 3:22 am

Who am I?

Accepted in the beloved, acquitted from sin, adorned for good works, apple of Godís eyes, authorised to bring good news, anointed to destroy yokes of bondage, assured and an ambassador.

Who am I?

Born again, blessed with every spiritual blessings ain heavenly places, bold, beautified for the glory of God, blessed to be a blessing to God, humanity and my community, blood- bought, blood-kept, bought with a great price.

Who am I?

Converted from ungodliness and God-mocker to godliness, controlled by the Holy Spirit, conqueror, city on a hill, citizen of heaven and a child of God. Carrier of heaven, chosen of God, covered by the blood, created for good works and a co-worker with God.

Who am I?

Delivered from the kingdom of darkness;

Delivered from sickness, disease and poverty;

Delivered from blindness wickedness and penury

Delivered from bondage of addiction

Dwelling in the house of God forever; disciple of Jesus.

Who am I?

Endowed with divine gifts;

Endowed with the divine nature

Empowered by the Holy Spirit

Encapsulated by the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Empowered to prosper in my spirit, soul and body

Who am I?


Freed man, free now

Free to fulfil vision like Shadrach Meshach and Abednego in the fire.

Freed from the clutches and manacles of satan and his cohorts

Fuelled and fired by the Holy Spirit, fresh and flourishing, faithful

Followed by goodness and mercy all the days of my life.

Who am I?

Guarded by angelic hosts

Going from glory to glory, victory to victory and faith to faith

Godís treasured possession

Graced with great grace.

Who am I?

House of divinity

Honed to be like Christ

Highly favoured

Humbled by grace

Who am I?

Indwelled by the Holy Spirit( Acts1:8, -2:1-4,Act3:37-38, Jn16:7

Increasing in faith

Inhabited by goodness and mercy

In mount Zion, the city of the Living God,

In training for reigning, insured (Ro.8:17)

Who am I?

Joined to Jesus 1Cor6:17

Joined to the innumerable company of the saints of God (Heb12:22-24)

Joined to the general assembly

Joined to the Church of the First born who are registered in heaven

Justified ( Ro5:1)

Joint-heir with Christ( Ro8:17)

Who am I?

Kingsí kid, king and priest of God

Keeping company with the redeemed

Who am I?

Loved with a great love

Living stone, light of the world

Who am I?

Merciful, more than a conqueror

Man on a mission with a vision

Who am I?

New creature

No more condemned ( Ro8:1)

Now with a purpose (Ro8:28)

Now with a vision greater than me

No more an alien to the commonwealth of God

No more separated (1Cor6:17)

No longer in league with satan

Who am I?

Of the royal priesthood ( 2Pet.1:7-9)

Oak of righteousness ( Isa60:3)

One with God ( 1Cor6:17)

Who am I?


Pressing on for the mark of the prize of the high calling in Christ Jesus

Positioned to prosper

Precious jewel, paid for

Purchased with a great price

Purposeful, purified, passionate, poor in spirit, persecuted for righteousness sake.

Who am I?

Quaint, quick when with my queen, in queue for glory

Still questioning who am I?

Redeemed of the Lord, ransomed, resurrected, royalty, rich, revived, restored, released from the snare of the enemy, rejuvenated, righteous, released to live life to the full

Who am I?

Saved sanctified, severed from sin, surrendered to God, sold-out to God, surrounded by angels, secure in Christ, saint of God, soldier of the Cross, salt of the earth

Seasoned through trials and tribulations; and I am sufficient in His sufficiency.

Who am I?

Tried tested and true and there is more to me than meets the eye.

Taken out of darkness into Graceland

Taken out of condemnation and separation into acceptance, reunion and reconciliation.

Taken from enmity with God to friendship with God.

Who am I?

Unique, useful and so are you.

Who am I?

Valued, valuable, very grateful to God

Vintage wine; better and sweeter with age

Who am I?

Worshipper of the Great I AM, whole, witness

Who am I?



Zoe-imparted and impacted- God-kind of life.

And as I close I still see curiosity in many eyes, asking the question; who are you?

On no! so I have to go all over it againÖ.

No I will spare you the tedium and simply say:

I am who the Great I AM say I am.

And if I AM say I am, then I am what I Am says I am.
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