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Post  dove on Thu 06 Dec 2007, 1:09 pm

It's CHRISTmas!
It's CHRISTmas!
It's CHRISTmas!

Hey K-Mart and Sears!
December 25th is printed the same on every American calendar in America: CHRISTmas!

So why is it ok for an American company (like you K-Mart/Sears!) to offend the native religion (for which the holiday celebrates!) of the American nation that has brought it so much success (that native religion being CHRISTianity, which is to this very day still the religion for the majority of its nation's inhabitants, including foreigners!), but not ok to offend foreign religions???

America is not a nation of foreigners, but a kind & loving CHRISTian nation who welcomes foreigners. This CHRISTian nation invites the foreigner, not the foreign religion. And even if the foreigners become permanent inhabitants of this CHRISTian-founded nation, their foreign religions never will! This is not a foreign religion nation, this is a CHRISTian nation!

What about freedom of religion, you say? Well, isn't that where freedom of religion originated, in CHRISTianity? It would be absurd to say a foreign religion, like Islam, promotes freedom of religion! Just go to a foreign nation where CHRISTianity is the foreign religion (like Indonesia, India, and most of Africa ) and you will see the exact opposite to freedom of religion!

The irony in all this is that no one would be offended if they just left everything the way it has been since the founding of this CHRISTian nation. All of the foreigners recognize and accept America as a CHRISTian nation, with its CHRISTian holidays, so why can't the American companies native to this CHRISTian nation???

Hey K-Mart and Sears, here's food for thought:
Since you wish to avoid offending foreign religions by offending the CHRISTian religion,
we CHRISTian shoppers wish to avoid offending your competitors by shopping at your stores!
Ok CHRISTians, let us not say or shop at K-Mart, lest we offend WALMART.
And let us not say or shop at Sears, lest we offend JCPENNEY.

Or... here's a better solution:
Just let the un-offended CHRISTians and the un-offended foreigners with foreign religions shop freely at the stores in this CHRISTian nation, as part of celebrating or not celebrating the CHRISTmas holiday. And let the companies in this CHRISTian nation be thankful for the blessed abundant profits they will receive generated by this CHRISTian holiday season. And let these companies not forget - without the CHRISTmas holiday, these companies would probably be out of business by now, or never had a successfully large business in the first place. For these same companies have confessed with their own mouths year after year after year that the CHRISTmas holiday season is the busiest and most profitable time of the year for them...
Can this be said by them when the holiday season of the foreign religions come around, like the Ramadan season (Islam)? Or Buddhism's biggest time of year comes around in May, called Vesak or Visakah Puja ("Buddha Day")?
We all know the answer to this is a resounding NO!

In closing:
It's not [blank]mas!
And it is most definitely not FOREIGN-RELIGIONSmas!

It's CHRISTmas!
It's CHRISTmas!
It's CHRISTmas!

Merry CHRISTmas K-Mart!
Merry CHRISTmas Sears!

And Merry CHRISTmas to all of you!

Source: Christ's Empire Ministries
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