Absence of the Lord's Presence means a Dryness of Life, a U

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Absence of the Lord's Presence means a Dryness of Life, a U

Post  Guest on Sat 08 Dec 2007, 2:58 pm

For Backsliders
Who want to come back
to the Lord One thing about coming back to God, after
you have backslidden is to get over the guilt, and know that God always will
take you back. He is bigger than any sin you ever comited, and he
will always forgive you. In the book of Revelation Jesus says in Chapter 2:5 to
remember the height from which you have fallen. Repent and do the things you
did at first. So you are to remember how high you were with God, and start
working to restore that relationship with God you once had. Singing praises to
God with a spirit of worship helps tremendously in building you up in the
spirit. Reading the Bible is essential; it is a must if you want to grow in the
Lord because the Bible has power in its pages. It is important that you
remember that the devil has absolutely no control over you when you are with
God, I mean that while you are seeking Him, by reading your Bible and
worshiping Him. By doing this you are protected by his power from Satan. He can
still tempt you but that is all, he has no control over you. But you must stay
with God, this is a lifetime commitment. Be committed to Christ, and do not let
the devil take a foothold. Do not let Satan, have an inch; if you do he will
take a mile. And getting out from under his grasp is a lot harder than it is to
fall under his spell. While we are still on this earth the devil will always be
there to try his very best to make us backslide and forsake God, but we are
more than conquerors in Christ Jesus. I know you are going to think that you
are not forgiven, but stay the course and keep praying reading His word
and singing His music, until the joy comes back to you. It is hard for us who
were there once; we have tasted the goodness of The Lord, and fell back into
sin; to recover so fast No! This time around it will take longer than the first
time when you fist believed, but God! Will be with you always, all the way as
long as you don’t give up on Him. Remember I was in your shoes at one time, and
it took me a long time to get that joy back- but it came back, and oh! What a
joy I got back. You need to go back and repent publicly and if you have
offended anybody go ask for forgiveness, and also be open about your
backslidden condition. Repent and live.
Anastasia and Lee Martone. Servants of the Lord Yeshua-Jesus

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Re: Absence of the Lord's Presence means a Dryness of Life, a U

Post  dove on Sun 09 Dec 2007, 10:46 am

I am always impressed by your faith-inspiring articles. I awlays read your articles many times because they have lot of meaning and understanding.

I totally agree with you that following God brings life into our dead bodies and when we are away from God, it brings dryness to us. Actually satan although very cunning, but we invite him to destroy our lives. We love satan in our lives with all sinful pleasure but ask all these people and in the oldage they all suggest to live a life full of morals.

God bless you
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Thank you Dove Lee

Post  Guest on Sun 09 Dec 2007, 2:16 pm

Hi Dove, Thank you for your kind remarks. I am so
glad you like my

writing, God bless you.

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Re: Absence of the Lord's Presence means a Dryness of Life, a U

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