Man Wasn't Made

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Man Wasn't Made

Post  WARRIOR on Tue 30 Mar 2010, 7:03 pm

Man Wasn’t Made

Man wasn’t made

To be an island

He wasn’t created

To just exist

No he was made for another

Someone to share with.

Too many people are islands

Making uncharted isles

Let’s join together

And make a land.

There’s no need to be

Drifting out in the sea

Weathering the waves alone

You belong on the land.

Man wasn’t made

To be an island

To bear all his burdens alone

He has a fellow man to live with

But still he stays alone…

Why do you persist in living

On an uncharted isle?

You won’t exist for long

Please come and live on the land

When the bridges are built again

When you can walk from isle to isle

Joy will be your strength again

Sharing in your brother’s smile.

Once the coral reefs are broken down

The boats will come ashore

And you’ll find you’re not alone

- No longer anymore.

Man wasn’t made to be an island

He wasn’t created to just exist

He was made for another

Someone to share with.

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