Forgive Me Father

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Forgive Me Father

Post  WARRIOR on Tue 05 Oct 2010, 11:48 am

Forgive me Father
For I lack love
I am intolerant
With the foolishness of men.
Impatient for what agitates me
In the souls of others.
How I often would rather
Feed my flesh rather than my soul.

Forgive me Father
For I am slothful and lazy
I desire not discipline but ease
I am indifferent to the calls of others
I shut out all conversations
I choose not to hear.

Forgive me Father
For I am a selfish being
Lacking the qualities of Christ.
If it please you Father
Do what you will with me
I ask that in the process
Of my dying to self
You love me enough
To look past my sins,
And gaze on the Blood of Christ
Which washes we white as snow.

I ask Father
You have loving patience with me
Grace and Mercy on my soul
Which I so much do not deserve.
Forgive me Father
For my stubborn foolish pride
Fill me with your love
So that I may truly follow you.


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Amen and Amen

Post  fennywest on Tue 12 Oct 2010, 1:18 pm

I believe we can all see ourselves in this mirror
of a prayer, in one way or the other.

Lord have mercy on us
and work in usto work through us.

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