Africa, Arise and Sing

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Africa, Arise and Sing

Post  fennywest on Tue 13 Dec 2011, 1:41 pm

Africa, Arise and Sing
Dozed and slept for too long
Let your talents rise and bring
That for which you long: a song.

Where are those brains that have drained,
In foreign lands drifted, gone?
When will it come: joyful rain?
When will they come, daughters, sons?

All the black gold sold for dross
Sun is shining, yet there’s cold.
Leadership is at a loss
When will you rise up: be bold?

Wake Up! the Day is far spent.
The Night comes :no one can work.
Patriots arise, don’t relent
Put hands on deck, do the work.

Strengthen all the tired knees
Recharge all the feeble hands
Grow and raise the righteousness trees
That will give smile to the Land.

Let there be resurrection
In the Land of woe and death
Bring righteous insurrection.
Let a New Era be birthed .
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