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It's Time To Cross Over

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it s time for a new beginnig - It's Time To Cross Over Empty It's Time To Cross Over

Post  fennywest Sun 28 Mar 2010, 10:24 am

It's time to cross over
From separation to reconciliation
Condemnation to salvation
From Darkness into God’s brightness
From blindness and wickedness
and Sin-sickness to righteousness,
Bondage and Hopelessness
to freedom and hopefulness.

Jesus is the bridge, the Way, the Light the Life

Cross over from failure into Good Success.
Cross over from fear to faith
From the fall to the call.

Easter is not a time for Easter Eggs
But a time to rise up from the valley of sin and indecision and wickedness

unto the mountain of the joy of the Lord coming through
salvation, deliverance from death, damnation and doom.

Jesus went to the cross, died on the cross

so that you can cross over to the Father.
He has paid the price for You
They pierced His hands and feet
They parted His garment, cast lots for it
Vilified Him, scourged Him, killed Him so that you can live.
Yes, He went to the cross for YOU and I.!

It is time to come home like the prodigal son.

Why languish in prison when the prison gates are open?
Why feed from the hands of pigs when the palace is open for you?

Why live a pauper when you have a standing invitation from the King of kings?
Why stay in the cold when God’s warmth and warm

hands are wide open to welcome you and comfort you.
Why choose death when abundant life is available to you?
Come as you are.
Come, no matter how far.
Confess your sin
Get out of the bin
Come and you will see
Come and be free
Come and be loosed of your bonds
Turn your back on the devil.
God loves you
And is reaching out to you.
Do not delay
This is the day
Of salvation

Cross over from the Land of the Dead
To the Land of the Living
Make your peace with God
Jesus makes the Way
He is the Way
He is the Truth
And He is the Life and Light.

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