Does a Father Matter

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Does a Father Matter

Post  fennywest on Wed 23 Jun 2010, 9:49 pm

When any man can father?
Yes, you can have many teachers
But you can only have one father.

Fathers are not perfect
And are needed in spite of their flaws
And so should not be outlawed.
They may not have had good fathers
And do not know any better.

Fathers need to be schooled to be daddies
Who would be there no matter what
Who would correct, counsel, protect, provide, preside
And be priest in the home and not roam;
Fathers who would impart godly values,
Show the pathway of righteousness
Be good role models for children to emulate.

Yes, when Fathers are missing,
A piece in the jigsaw puzzle is missing.
Fathers should to be forgiven
When they miss the mark
And given a second chance
And children’s heart not poisoned
Against their fathers else
the vicious cycle continues
and we will all be losers.

Fathers need to seek forgiveness
And emulate their heavenly Father
Be the shepherd in the home
The shepherd of the flock
Fending off the predators-
The lions, the bears and sharks.

Fathers should leave inheritance
For their children and children’s children.
They should leave legacies enviable
Admirable, enjoyable, comfortable
Durable, undeniable, glorious

Teach me, Lord, to be a father8
Who would be after your own heart-
a father who would care, counsel,
correct, comfort, commit to be there.

Help me, Lord, to provide- not just a house
But also a home where there is security
Fellowship, companionship, empathy, joy
Protection, provision, prayer
Stability, longevity, durability and prosperity.

Teach me Lord to be the prophet, priest and king
in my home enforcing
the authority of the King of kings
and the Lord of Lords.

Help me, O Lord, to cast the vision
To secure the future of my offspring.
And to direct my family in the way
That will bring honour and glory to You.

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Re: Does a Father Matter

Post  WARRIOR on Mon 28 Jun 2010, 5:30 pm

What a beautiful prayer of a father, to be one pleasing to the Lord, in His eyes.
Enjoyed. Blessings.

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