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Post  fennywest on Sat 05 Nov 2011, 11:31 pm


Come for the Water
(Rondueu) aabba aabR aabbaR

Come for the water, come to the Door.
Come at once, now, rush in, come for more.
Take what I give; the water of life.
Drink the Living water and have life.
Friend, come away from drought; I say,come.

Rise now from the floor, e'en if you're poor.
Come quickly into the goodly store.
Come as you are, now, faults and all.
Come and be filled, filled to the brim.

Scale the barrier in spite of your sore.
Jump, plunge, plug right into life’s Core.
Scale and mount every hindering mountain;
For this all–sufficient fountain.
Hear My voice. It is you I implore.
Just come, come and fulfil your dream.

Matt11:28, I sa55:1-3;-1:18
©Fenny West
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