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My Prayer To The Lord

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My Prayer To The Lord Empty My Prayer To The Lord

Post  Lee Delivered on Sat 11 Apr 2015, 2:36 am

I want to think you O Lord, my Jesus who shows me miracles and makes yourself known to me. You are truly wonderful and awesome, and I am overcome with great joy that you are in my life and that you live in me. Thank You Oh Lord Jesus for saving me from evil spirits who sought to take my soul to hell. Thank You for washing me clean in your blood and making me white as snow. Be with me Lord Jesus and my whole family and my wife’s whole family, and any body in either family is Lost Please save them and bring them to yourself, brake them from there sin and don’t let them go to hell Lord. I Pray for my Grandmother, strengthen her in you and allow her to live well into her hundreds, I love her Lord, Keep her safe and surround her with angels and drown her in your mighty Love. I ask for You to bless my Grandmother’s House, Surround it with Your Love and Guide us in the path of righteousness for your name sake. Drive out any evil spirits that might be there. I Pray for my wife, Strengthen her spirit as you Strengthen my spirit. Heal her from all her pain and fill her to over flowing with your Holy Spirit, Thank you Lord Jesus for bringing her to me, for she is precious to me and I am so lucky to have her as my wife, What God has joined together, let no man put us under. Hold us tight in your hand, and watch over us, for the days are evil, and grow more so each day. I think you Lord for joining our two hearts together. I think You Lord for making us one again. Fill both of our hearts with your Light and decimate any sickness or disease that might be present. Bless our House Lord, Place a Holy Hedge of Protection all around it and summon Angels to watch over it. Watch over my mother and all her family, make her strong in you Lord Jesus, fill her heart with your glorious light the light that drives out the darkness and brings healing to her flesh, Watch over her and her house hold and protect them with your mighty power, Drive out any devils that have a strong hold, brake their hold and cast them out to wonder in dry places, and do not let them return. I pray the same for my brother's house, Protect them also Lord and Let your will be done in their lives, Bring them close to you and reveal any sin in their lives that is not pleasing to you Lord Jesus . I Pray for My Mom #2 who has never given up on me even when I had no hope. I ask you Lord to bring happiness into her life so she won't be lonely, and bring back the full amount of joy she once had with You, Lift her up on the mountain again, and let her taste your love, Protect her Lord and keep her house free of evil spirits. I LOVE YOU LORD JESUS. Thank you for being who you are and what you did for us all on the cross. I glorify Your Name and Lift You on High, Praise You Lord Jesus. Amen
Lee Delivered
Lee Delivered
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