Subject: "Explanation". Monk Abercius.

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Subject: "Explanation". Monk Abercius.

Post  Vika47 on Thu 21 Jun 2012, 4:32 pm

So it is clearly told, from John 6-53, “Jesus told them: true, truly I speak to you: if you don't eat the Fleshe of the Human Son and don't drink his Blood, you won't have lives in yourselves.“
How does the Spirit of truth edify about it? These words of Lord aren't accepted directly. Nowhere, never Lord Jesus Christ suggested to eat his Flesh and to drink his Blood. Those who accepted directly his words, didn't want to ask the God's explanation of a word for the Lord, spoke: “What strange words! who can listen to it?“ And “from now on many of his pupils parted from him, and didn't go any more with him.“ (Art. 60-66). And after all they saw such miracles from him? Why did they parted? Just because they accepted these words directly. Our priests accepted these words directly also. And without having the Flesh and Blood of the Christ, wriggled to "realize", it is clear, as they increased the importance. But there will be the fall to a hell for them.
Explanation of these words of Lord in a verse 51, the same chapter 6 of the Gospel from John.
“I am bread alive, came down from heavens: a person eating this bread will live for centuries; bread which I will give, is my Flesh, which I will give for the world life.“
The Lord gives the Flesh for the world life. The flesh is the Victim for the world life. In understanding of Lord “to drink his Blood“ and “to eat his Flesh“ means to accept, to recognize his Victim of the Flesh and the Blood for the world life.
Art. 57 “a person eating me“ means on God – accepting my Victim. Spiritually accepting, spiritually recognizing. Art. 63 “Words which I tell you, the essence the spirit and the life.“
From John 4-24 “God is Spirit.”
From John 3-5 “Jesus answered: true, truly I speak to you if somebody isn't born from water and Spirit, he or she can't enter into the God's Kingdom.“
Not from eating of the invented “flesh and blood“. As it is not told: born from the flesh there is a spirit.
And it is told by the Lord from John 3-6: “Born from the flesh there is a flesh, and born from the Spirit there is a spirit.“
From John 3-3, “Jesus told to him in reply: true, truly I speak to you if somebody isn't born from above, he or she can't see the God's Kingdom.”
From John 6-65, “Also told: for that I also said to you that nobody can come to Me if that isn't given to him from my Father.“
If it is not God-given, what for trying? Moreover in fathers, teachers, in prelates. Why? It is not God-given, people will give. Finished in putting and wording and received a rank of the doctor of divinity. And already without God in teachers.
Dear, my people, they won't be ashamed!
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